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A bill has quietly been introduced to ban unvaccinated from traveling internationally and domestically in America.
#HR4980 #117thCongress #DHS #TravelBans
SPECIAL events to honor those who lost their lives to the #CovidJab September 4th. #NYC #London 🔻🔻🔻

Show NY & London that #WeAreMoreThan12

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24 days and counting! If anyone is interested in getting people together in a city near you for this march on the same day, please send me an email. The London flyer is already designed and ready to go. We just need a team.

I’ve been planning this for the last 2.5 months. It will be special, beautiful and peaceful.

On September 4, 2021 we will march silently in honor of those who have died and those injured. At the end we will have speakers, a candlelight vigil.

Please join me in honoring all the lives lost and those injured

#WeAreMoreThan12 💯💙♦️
An update from #OpenVaers
Hundreds protest in the Oklahoma state capitol against forced COVID-19 vaccinations.

The global pushback is happening. Keep fighting against tyrannical mandates. 🇺🇸
If you want to go to #WesleyanCollege this fall without being jabbed, be prepared
To pay a non-refundable $700 "COVID fee". Starting this fall, all students who are not vaccinated or fail to submit proof of vaccination by Sept. 7 have to pay or they will be withdrawn from school.

Forwarded from British Nursing Alliance, The People’s Nurses (Kate Shemirani)
Support our brave brothers.
Let’s see who actually reads this & replies to the question🙏🏽

And now the U.S. government wants to criminalize anyone who makes disparaging remarks about Fauci?
Do you believe the events that occurred in this article were a simple oversight on the part of #Fauci & the #CDC OR that they knew exactly what they were doing?🧐

#Agenda2030 #Plandemic #CDC
#CostaLuminosa ⚓️