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Dooro Coin expects to play a role in the second trial of humidifier disinfectant
Successful development of 'Doobae System' safety diagnosis robot for large offshore structures, close to commercialization
Doobae System to pioneer the global robot market with ‘Dooro coin’
The boy who made vacuum tube amplifiers Lee Bae, Becoming a big star in robot development in Korea
Doobae System, Korea’s First Development of Undersea ground survey robot
Doobae System Co., Ltd. and Samhwan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and the submarine ground diagnostic robot ‘MOU’
Doobae System Co., Ltd., followed by Samhwan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. ‘MOU’ with Camu ENC Co., Ltd.
‘Doobae System’, a solution to the manufacturing and production site
Doobae System, 'Safety Diagnosis Equipment' won the Korea Eco-Friendly Grand Prize

We announce the foundation's official position on DRO coin's listing.

Currently, DRO coin is listed on the global exchange "LBank"

DRO holders can move DRO Coin to the above 'LBank exchange' to proceed with the transaction.

As the DRO Foundation is listed on the "Lbank" overseas exchange, We hope you will strive for a better future and be with the DRO holders.

Thank you.