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tos: @tosdigi
vouches: @digitoolsvouches
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Vouch from a customer^ literally zero 2fa. , these are full cap including phone capture, pm and balance.
all customers are loving the new update , if you are a customer or a non customer and got any queries feel free to dm @flare
Dm to get new update for gaypal plus.


- Fixed Phone Capture Api Back to being sexy af.

dm @gaypalsupportbot for da update.
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stop being a retard and buy gaypal plus right now, i am legit checking hits of brute and getting 95%+ full capture ratio.

it's just like before now , buy now and get hq pps for your shop or for yourself.
Did a fix for gaypal plus, the full cap api is back up.

If you have any problems do dm @flare , i will answer in 5 hrs ish.
You dont need new exe , its done server-sided.
For all the plus users please use capsolver only for now.
Huge af update is coming for gaypal plus....

fixing everything , from semi-cap to fullcapture to brute.

coming soon..
huge update for gaypal plus has been dropped.


- Fixed low cpm on semi cap's.
- Fixed Phone Cap Api, now works seamlessly.
- Fixed bugs.

dm @flare or @f1zzler to get the update with license.
Sorry for not responding i am really busy today will respond everyone in under 20 hrs and will give compensation if i owe u one.

🚨BetMGM50 Checker

❗️Full Capture (up to 7k cpm):
First Name: Ben | Last Name: Dover | SSN: XXXX | DOB: 1971/12/12 | Address: XXX | Phone: +1XXX | STATE: NY | Balance: 1234 USD

❗️VM up to 20k CPM (datacenter proxies)

$300 / week
$800 / month

Vouches: @digitoolsvouches
Contact: @digitoolscc / @f1zzler / @flare
Those's whose Full Cap Api isn't working for gaypal plus , dm me. our servers had an outage. @flare
Did a hot fix for semi cap api's, dm @flare or @f1zzler for the new exe of gaypal plus.

full capture api works fine , if it doesn't for you dm @flare i'll fix your issue.
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▫️ Automated crypto payments
▫️ USA and Canada numbers only
▫️ 15K Emails per day
▫️ 15K Sms per day
▫️ Extra Emails and Sms will last only until subscription ends
▫️ Extra Emails and Sms will be added into daily refill (everyday at 12 AM UTC)
▫️99.9% Uptime


▫️ 1 Day => $5
▫️ 2 Days => $8
▫️ 3 Days => $12
▫️ 1 Week => $20
▫️ 2 Weeks => $35
▫️ 3 Weeks => $50
▫️ 1 Month => $60
▫️ Extra Emails => $1 / 1k Emails
▫️ Extra Sms => $1 / 1k Sms


Channel: @DigiSpammer
Alright everyone the reason @flare is not online much cuz he broke his leg , he'll be back real soon so sorry to everyone and everyone will get time back if they are owed.
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Gaypal Coming back soon..