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Token sale is open now
Take a look at our already working blockchain enhanced marketplace for verified global trade
Demblock marketplace is the core of the Demblock ecosystem
Unlike more than 50 percent of ICOs we already have a working product
Unlike most ICOs we dont create over-hyped- social-media-buzz.

We let out product speak for itself
By utilizing blockchain technology in our marketplace, buyers can mitigate the risk of trading with rogue suppliers, who are not maintaining high production standards.
This is our unique corporate and sourcing verification form for notarizing seller/supplier data on the blockchain. This feature is already fully functioning on the DemBlock marketplace and constitutes the core of the DemBlock marketplace unique selling point - see more details in our whitepaper:
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Experience a new dimension in blockchain-enhanced global trade -
DemBlock brings a more reliable way to conduct trade on a global scale
We see the fact that we already have developed the core aspect of our ecosystem - our DemBlock
marketplace - prior the token generation event as a proof that we as a team are able to finance and to code
the launch of a fully functional MVP in-house. We are launching this token generation event – among others
- in order to further develop additional features for our marketplace and to penetrate a sizeable share of the
global product listing market.
Reliable and trustful electronic marketplaces are deemed to be the vital infrastructure of the global trade.
We are striving to improve the reliability and the trustfulness by utilizing a state-of-the-art blockchain
technology combined in a way that has not been accomplished before with traditional product listing
Although there have been many approaches focusing on improving the global supply chain, and especially
sourcing quality management, the technologies used still have difficulties in resolving problems arising from
the lack of trust in supply chains. This is especially true in electronic marketplaces meant to facilitate global
trade and sourcing by connecting buyers and sellers over the internet.
By utilizing blockchain based technologies we are striving to solve these problems. Through the use of
unmodifiable properties of the blockchain our system enhances the credibility of various paper-based
information, certificates and photos uploaded to the internet.

The blockchain based approach that has been developed by DemBlock for the DemBlock marketplace
strives to solve two of the biggest problems in modern global sourcing and supply chain management.
These are the information asymmetry as well as information inconsistency faced by buyers when sourcing
globally, combined with limitations of onsite factory and quality controls. Our blockchain based approach to
minimize these problems will result in making the supply chain heterogeneity more transparent and more
predictable, as well as increase the transparency considering the supplier. In addition to that our
marketplace model will increase the mutual confidence between buyers and suppliers.
The DemBlock marketplace also provides a communication DemBlock marketplace for trading partners to
communicate and make enquiries.

All current marketplaces offering a range of products only employ classic text and picture upload options,
which can be altered and updated without any obstacles, thus making it possible to change corporate
information at will without leaving a trace of these alterations. All these corporate information cannot be
verified without a third party. This increases the risk that customers will be presented corporate information
which may have been altered at will, in order to please current marketing conditions and demand, enabling
deceptive claims.
Token sale is live: register on and purchase DemBlock tokens
Try out our marketplace for global sourcing