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Gm! We're excited to partner with the Zebu Live conference in London - and this means that you can win FREE TICKETS to the event!

Just follow the instructions in our tweet to enter:
Gm degens 👹 We just shipped a new version of Degen Events! - featuring a huuuge UI overhaul, much smoother mobile experience and a fresh new landing page.

Join 5k+ people who use our app to find local web3 events 🥂
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gm degens! we just started a discussion group for this channel. Check it out!
Hey frens! We just released an update to Degen Events, showing all of the conference portals themed in our fresh new design! 💯
Check out the conference portals to our partnered conferences (NearCon, Zebu Live, LedgerFest) in the new menu on the top bar!
Reach out if you know any conference organisers who'd be interested in one of our portals 🤘😎🤟
We just dropped our 🔥Hot Events 🔥 feature on Degen Events! 🌶♨️🌡️
Get 3 likes on your event to make it stand out in hot purple 🟣🟪
RTs appreciate for reach! More deets 🔽⬇️: