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A diamond makes a long way from the mining to the retail end and markups follow the progress of a stone. Let’s see what are the markups for diamonds on current closed markets and how the Diamond Open Market is going to lower the prices.

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Diamond market is silent for two main reasons: low activity and weak dealer demand. Low activity at the global closed diamond market is due to summer vacations. All market participants have much more interesting time than trading diamonds. It also concerns dealers whose demand has decreased.

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Tomorrow morning our team start IEO on the Coineal.
We are glad to inform you that the funds for the development of the platform have already been raised institutional investors and this round is only for marketing campaign.

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We have set up a faceted search across the entire database - it is very convenient to choose by the first letters, and only then additional criteria from the results will help you find the exact orders you need. We are always working to improve usability. Taking care of you is our mission.
Yep! Come up with a convenient form for you to upload full tables with gems. It will be automatically added to the database and will be searchable by all users. We take care of you!
In our database there is not only a convenient search, but also a lot of offers for stones of platform participants - it is very convenient to verify the prices of a diamond or any other stone for making a purchase decision. Guys, don't forget to bargain! it's exciting and fun! #gemstone #diamond #trade #smart #fair #price #check