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EduCap Oral Immunity Study Launch Now
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EduCap Oral Immunity to All COVID Versions Trained microRNA as an Immune USB Drive for T Cell killing and B Cell Antibody Production and Spin-Off Tech from This New Technology

The Sigma One protein is the master key that does not mutate, engineered by Dr. Lieber Ph.D. Chemist at Harvard for the 1,000 Talent Program of China, Wuhan and Dr. Fauci gain-of -function bioweapons research in association with USAMRID. EduCap simply incubates this portion of the Sigma one spike protein with a dendritic culture in a BioReactor to generate in 5 days about 45 pounds of microRNA exosomes. It generates many thousands of standard-sized Lonza oral capsules that protect the freeze-dried Exosome memory molecules microRNA immune USB drives to deliver these memory immune exosomes to the terminal end of the small bowel. The liposomes carry the exosomes to the splanchnic small bowel to liver and spleen and bone marrow. This information induction results in a nontoxic stimulation of T Cell Killing COVID to B Cell Immune tagging for killing COVID by activated macrophages. COVID viruses are carried in vesicular like a molecular bus, as dry viral particles cannot attach or infect anyone. The Chinese Wuhan lab had Dr. Lieber's Sigma One modified virus, so it currently cannot infect bats as tested recently. Gain of function by Dr. Barej Ph.D., U of NC Chapel Hill, working with Dr. Fauci and Wuhan, improved the transmission ability and toxicity by adding other genetic factors for gain-of-function toxicity as Schitin one genes etc. The Brisbane Austalia animal lab took the 1,000 miles from Wuhan bat virus and added 18 HIV AIDS genes, so that it could disrupt mitochondrial extracellular matrix electron transport, lowering ATP and NADH energy by hydroperoxyl radical oxidative free radicals, resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction and the hydroperoxyl radical crosslinks Von Willibrands clotting factor causing clots, anoxia, strokes, embolism and death in many cases. The high levels of free radicals attach to body proteins induction of autoimmunity and chromosome damage induction of cancer, and spongiform neural changes in the brain resulting in Scrapie or spongiform neural degeneration and death. The EduCap helps to stop all these potential situations, as those who have been vaccinated are a magnet to pick up the COVID variants. Utilizing my protocols of antioxidants and mitochondrial support stops the VaXXed person from generating new more lethal strains of the virus. This is accomplished with my proven use of First Line of Defense Protocols to kill the COVID virus and Vaccine Pre and Post Rescue Protocols rejuvenate mitochondria and genetics from my site.
Laboratory and imaging monitoring of a toxic individual mitochondrial function and organ especially brain imaging must be available to prove regression of toxic degeneration with EduCap plus my protocols. Great Plains lab OAT Organic Acids and MitoTOX panels can monitor improvement in vaXXed persons, along with Dr. Richard Fleming M.D. Ph.D. J.D. Nuclear Cardiologist imaging standardization to compare images A, B, C in time to prove that neural brain deterioration is now improving with the addition of EduCap, to block reinfection with future variant COVID strains.
This technology is simple memory microRNA exosome using a lock a key approach to generate massive memory molecules exosome microRNA, delivered by safe Lonza, patented technologies to prevent deterioration from stomach acid, Pepsin stomach enzymes. pancreatic digestive enzymes and deterioration from pathogen co-digestion. There are no toxins e.g. PEG now 73 percent of people are sensitive to this carrier. All mRNA and Johnson and Johnson double-stranded DNA vaccines generate Spike Protein genotoxic fake vaccines. These gene induction vaccines all create Spike Protein gain of function toxins causing vascular, immune, CNS injury and generating microRNA InfoToxins throwing off balanced genetic regulatory exosomes.
The EduCap is simple immune induction by USB-type memory molecule gut transfer. EduCaps can eliminate the need for utilizing special versions of all vaccines, autoimmune disease, cancer removal by activated macrophages that promote health, and reverse gene silencing of the epigenome of aging. For Veterans and trauma victims, future potentials will result in potential limb or organ regeneration and age reversal. Veterinary medicine, military preparedness, animal and nature animal husbandry and elimination of toxic pesticides, and improved recovery of all types e.g. high valued race horses regeneration of joints, heart and neurological function. EduCap microRNA and my genetic scalar technology of gene induction of the hologram of life, can include my patented building blocks as a placenta equivalent Red Deer Velvet DR in a Lonza capsule to preserve molecular integrity. In combination with ethical stem cell harvesting and support. and the EduCap will slow and reverse aging for all citizens who partake. Civilians and military with improved mineralized and improved nutrition, can regenerate natural regenerative function organ technologies.
EduCap is the most important breakthrough of the 21st Century for all life forms on Earth, as microRNA exosomes are the regulates health and illness in all species on the planet. The value to society with a population that by the coming decades the emerging group will be the growth of alert healthy population that I call The Wellderly, who are capable of doing sports and activities beyond 100 and learning and business activities rather than nonproductive inactivity. I forsee many Regerantive Veterans that restore organs such as their kidneys, lungs, heart. limbs, to live full abundant lives. I see many veterans with restored organs and limbs, with future applications of this amazing technology.
Prophecies of our future in the Bible, we can see a day will come with the return of our King of Kings, when peoples of Earth will live renewed bodies to very advanced years healed from trauma, aging, and the ravages of time.