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😎 EOS is preparing the tools to run DeFi in their ecosystem. Another giant on the launch of πŸš€.
​Trading Volume of Top DeFi Tokens Hit ATH in August

In August 2020, the trading volume of top DeFi tokens showed a significant growth of 235% from July volume hitting ATH of $9B.

More details in our Monthly Market Recap: πŸ‘‰
βœ… As a result of yesterday's migration of #Sushiswap from #Uniswap, more than $1 billion was withdrawn from Uniswap. The total amount of funds blocked on Uniswap is - $465 million, on #.
Sushiswap - $1.35 billion 😳

YOUR @DeFi_Blockchain
DeFi-tokens recovered by 14% on average per day.

According to Messari, 29 out of 37 tokens today have increased from 0.87% to 27.47%, and the average growth rate was 14%. The airtime also grew by 6.69%.
βœ… Liquidity goes back to #Uniswap

YOUR @DeFi_Blockchain
βœ… Users blocked more than 9 billion TRX in SUN DeFi protocol.

Sharp DeFi recovery up 39.5% since the bottom.
The course of DeFi-taken SAFE rose from $800 to $5000 in a few hours. It began to grow as soon as the famous industry representative Andre Kronier told about the coin on his Twitter. It was he who developed the YFI coin, the price of which has increased by more than 100 000% since July.
CoinBase PRO leaves $UNI
Uniswap Protocol launches governance token

Anyone that used Uniswap before Sept 1 is eligible to claim 400 $UNI tokens (worth ~ $1100)
DeFi-taken MEME rose in price by 18 000% per month, from $10 to $1800. At the same time, the early holders of the asset received it for free. The developers were distributing coins in social networks:
😱 DeFi HatchDAO scammed

The project took liquidity out of the #Uniswap pools, sold tokens and deleted everything.