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Dear Daricans! KYC is mandatory for swap for everyone in the Darico.io even though if you have done before in darico.co

You have to do it again on darico.io
Forwarded from Janis
Hello Daricans!

We have a new listing.

πŸ”₯Please welcome bZx Protocol (BZRX)!πŸ”₯

BZRX now available on Darico Exchange with BZRX/USDT pair.

Happy trading! 🎊🎊

πŸ“’bZz is a decentralized protocol that enables lending and borrowing for margin trading. The protocol can be integrated into new and existing exchanges, or accessed through the native bZx portal.
Dear Daricans! The snapshot has been done and we no longer accept swap form through our support link from now on.

However, for those who missed the swap, they will not get Erne and DECS but they still can get DRCX by filling up the form below and going through the KYC.

If you filled the form before the deadline but KYC failed or rejected you can reapply for KYC.


If you have an issue regarding the swap or KYC please raise a ticket


We will inform the community once the swap process is started.
Forwarded from Janis
🌞Hot summer continues in Darico. 🌞

Hold on, we have a new announcement.

Please welcome to JUST (JST).

πŸ“’JST will be available on Darico with JST/USDT pair on September 21.

You can trade safely.
Forwarded from Janis
🎊Hello dear daricans!

We are always adding more coins to Darico!

πŸ”₯Now we have a new listing.

πŸ“’Plutus (PLT) will be available on Darico with PLT/USDT pair on September 23.

🎊Happy trading!🎊
Forwarded from Janis
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Hold on Daricans!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Uniswap (UNI) is listed on Darico!

UNI now available on Darico with UNI/USDT pair.

Happy trading! 🎊🎊
Anyone Else hot? πŸ”₯ A Big Hello ... @ForTubeFi

is a Leading DeFi lending platform powered by the FOR token. Lend, borrow, and liquidity mine, available on Ethereum & BSC

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πŸ“ŠAUX Gets Listed on Darico Exchange

Welcome ..@AuxToken

Augmented Exchange (AUX) β€” is a network for decentralized exchange focused on building fair and transparent auctions. Next generation, highly scalable decentralized financial protocol network.

#newlisting #digitalexchange #AUX $AUX #crypto

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πŸ“’ Don't Miss Important Updates on ERNE and Swap

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Erne.Finance – New DeFi Platform.
Hello everyone! We have an important announcement to make about https://erne.finance !!


https://erne.finance website is Live!!! Do check it out!

ERNEswap is coming soon!

ERNEswap is a decentralized platform where users swap tokens and provide liquidity. You can earn ERNE tokens by providing liquidity, with the rewards being paid from transaction fees and the reserves allocated to LPs. On top of that, you can stake ERNE directly on the platform to earn more rewards for contributing to the ecosystem.

The twitter for erne.finance is also live, so please do check it out and stay tuned to it to get constant updates! https://twitter.com/erne_finance?s=11
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