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$DAIX are Multi-blockchain rebasing Tokens targeting multi-collateral DAI.

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👋 Hello xDAI, meet DAIX (RSS)

Thanks for your good wishes, cryptoclip!
Answers to all of these questions exist in this thread alone, and we don’t have to to look anywhere else luckily.
Let’s run through them once again, because many people would have the same doubts, since Elastic Assets are widely misunderstood and presented in a warped perspective to con unsuspecting people.
Here we go!

(pardon me for the details)


algorithmic stable coin with rebasing, however is not stable went from $1 to $0.06 cents

There is something called a “rebase lag” / “dampening factor” in these widely cloned (Note: DAIX is not a ‘fork’.) rebasing projects. It’s purpose is to apparently “smoothen out” any supply fluctuations.

All th...

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Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

#Daibase:#Protocol is now listed at @SushiSwap🍣 on 2 markets!



Get Protocol Revenue incentives to buy @xDaiChain STAKE!

Flash mint your way to profitable #arbitrage using your own innovative Elastic Supply contracts or from http://Daibase.org
👋 Hello xDAI, meet DAIX (RSS)

Thanks for very detailed and thorough explanation, this gives me the information I was looking for to make my mind up. I hope the project is a success for you
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👋 Hello xDAI, meet DAIX (RSS)

Mate… that was a detailed explanation and the time you must have spent to put it together shows your commitment. I have been in and out of your discord but was never really able to test out the dapp interface. I think this has now got me really interested. It looks like you have a really good grasp on elastic supply tokens and what their use cases are. Could i suggest that you may be do like a podcast or presentation in your discord for your users on educating them on DAIX but also elastic tokens in general and what your vision is? Would be great to learn, and would suggest if you could record it so that it could be used as an educational video/audio content. Cheers.
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Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

And now, the tweet you've been eagerly waiting for:

Initial DEX Offering (#IDO) of $DAOX on #xdai $STAKE will be held this Monday, 24th of May ‘21.

More details shall follow. Make sure you're part of our Telegram (https://t.me/Daibase) & Discord (https://discord.gg/VU8NHdmYu6)
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

We decided to postpone our $DAOX IDO on #xdai after we received a strong feedback from our community🙏

In light of the recent volatility, there would've been lesser participation that could hamper the Decentralization of our Governance powers

In other news, v0.1.64 is brewing👀
And now, the tweet you've been eagerly waiting for:

Initial DEX Offering (#IDO) of $DAOX on #xdai $STAKE will be held this Monday, 24th of May ‘21.

More details shall follow. Make sure you're part of our Telegram (https://t.co/fvRI4LYiaC) & Discord (https://t.co/83DSqyfI1N)
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

Three cheers for @xdaichain 🎉🎉🎉
🔔 Amnesty for Historical Bridge Claims!

🟢 160K+ $DAI claimed to 461 wallets.

🟢 200K+ ERC20 value claimed to 570 wallets.

xDai team provided 9.64 #ETH (24K+ USD) to process claims. Check your Eth address if you had prior unclaimed tokens!

Info 👉 https://t.co/LIRobncOZ4
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

We've been working on exciting things that would be accessible exclusively to $DAIX holders👀

Earlier today, our community members coordinated a little #airdrop to few select @xdaichain communities that supported http://Daibase.org in it's early days.

More details below👇
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

🎉 Our first proposal for the #DaixDAO has been considered to be passed today.

With this, #Daibase Protocol is now officially listed on @1HiveOrg's @Honeyswap Exchange 🍯🐝🐝🐝


Please remove ALL your Liquidity positions on DAIX immediately!

What is happening?
We're going to be deploying our next milestone : "Tokenized Tokens", which is our first step towards cross-chain interoperability. We're also in talks for listing on exchanges with proper orderbooks & MEV/front-running protection. This step is extremely fundamental to our progress.

Why remove Liquidity?
Right now, there are a lot of bots on xDAI Chain that arbitrage between our pairs to maintain the price of DAIX consistent across all the DEXes, and we cannot control them.
When we introduce our new Tokens (Tokenized DAIX), we will be providing a big Liquidity to it's pairs (funds for this will stem from our DAOX funds).
The big Liquidity events will entail a big transaction tax as well, which might create slight price imbalances that the bots might potentially exploit.
So we recommend you to remove your Liquidity from all exchanges with DAIX immediately.

Why not remove the tax instead?
There's also sniper bots running on xDAI that we think might try to pump and dump our listing. Removing the tax makes it even more easier for those other bots that maintain consistent prices across our pairs to churn out value out of our pools.
Altogether, these bots can create chaos if price of DAIX moves in any one of our pools.

How does the new Liquidity affect the old Liquidity?
Since we will be listing 2 new pairs for our new token, one linked to DAIX, and other to XDAI, that would create a big interdependence of price. For brand new projects it's not a problem because they don't have other Liquidity pools, but for an established project like Daibase with 8 active markets, we need to consider all aspects that influence our Liquidity.

What is the new token? How to get the new token?
The new token is nothing but DAIX itself. It can be thought of as a Memorandum of Understanding instead of a separate asset.
The new token will be "mintable" by DAIX holders. And conversely the new token will be "burnable" for getting back your DAIX. We (will) have an interface on our website to mint/burn this new token.
(We're yet to finalize a name, suggestions are most welcome!)

How does it work?
This new token's issuance works similar to LPT issuance. It is not elastic. It represents a share in the DAIX pool of the new token's contract. However as you may guess, the DAIX in it's Pool is variable, and so is the redemption amount. This number of DAIX-per-NewToken will be available on our website, and can be simply calculated as Pooled DAIX divided by new token's total Supply.
All-in-all, the new token is backed (variably) by DAIX, and DAIX is an Algorithmic-stablecoin pegged to DAI (XDAI), with an additional implicit collateralization (currently worth $1.19 = $0.97 face value + 22 cents collateral)

We will be reimbursing all the transaction taxes you pay, inclusive of Liquidity removal, Liquidity addition (at a later stage) and 5x of your gas fees.

🥳 We're headed towards new milestones! A small inconvenience but a great achievement 🥳
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

Update: Daibase Development

Community wanted #FTM #MATIC #BSC & #AVAX…We've been working hard at drafting the production version of v0.2.0 of #Daibase Protocol

🔔We will host another public & thorough testing round for v0.1.80+ openly🔜!

JOIN US⚗️👩‍🔬
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

Update : Daibase Development

We have now retired the old version. (v0.1.61) of #Daibase protocol

We will be migrating to the new version (v0.2.0) in the coming days on all of our 5 Chains: #xDAI, #Fantom, #BSC, #Ethereum and #AVAX.

Join us🔮
Daibase $DAIX (Twitter)

v0.2 will be released parallely on #XDAI, #MATIC & #FANTOM on 1st August

Holders of Daibase xDAI v0.1.61(m) can request a chain-hop to Polygon or Opera by sending any social media admins a DM on Discord, Telegram or Twitter with their addresses listed in http://Daibase.org/snapshot.