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Augmented Reality App using Unity & Vuforia, step by step

48 Hour Free, IT & Software
Adobe Lightroom Masterclass - Beginner to Expert

48 Hour Free, Design(editing)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro (BESTSELLER)

48 Hour Free, Design(editing)
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Ethical Hacking & IT Security - All Malcolm Shore Courses [4.84GB]




[164982] Cybersecurity for IT Professionals

[369625] Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

[388081] Cybersecurity Foundations

[455714] Ethical Hacking Denial of Service

[479403] Ethical Hacking Enumeration

[479404] Ethical Hacking Session Hijacking

[512726] Ethical Hacking Wireless Networks

[512725] Ethical Hacking Mobile Devices and Platforms

[512727] Ethical Hacking Website and Web Application Testing

[512724] Ethical Hacking Exploits

[540350] Ethical Hacking Perimeter Defenses

[455715] Learning Kali Linux

[580651] Securing the IoT Designing and Testing

[614303] Securing Android Apps

[601810] Securing the IoT Secure Architectures

[628702] Penetration Testing Essential Training

[642487] Ransomware Practical Reverse Engineering

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