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Reminder! If you want to have a shirt guaranteed in your size, order tonight! After that, the option to order a shirt will be turned off in our registration system and you will only be able to buy them on site (limited stock)!
We've reached 300 tickets sold! That means there are only 50 tickets left as of this point!

Didn't get your ticket yet? Don't wait and order soon before we run out! www.dutchfurdance.nl
As of writing, we are very close to 90% of available tickets being sold. Ticket sales will be closed on Thursday the 17th at 23:59 Amsterdam time. That will be the very last chance to grab a ticket, after that no more tickets will be sold or transferred.
Check out the sponsor gift! This years gift is a whisky glass engraved with the Dutch Furdance logo! It's still possible to upgrade to a sponsor ticket, but don't wait too long as we have limited stock!
👉 http://www.dutchfurdance.nl/Home/Pricing
We've officially passed the 90% point! Registration will be closed in one week from now at 23:59 Amsterdam time. Also as a reminder, your ticket has not been claimed until you've paid.
🍹 Thank you all for your contributions for a new cocktail name! After careful deliberation, we've picked the name "Dream Cream"! Sent in by Nihil 😊 Come try it at Dutch Furdance! 🍹Big thanks to clear eclair for the awesome artwork!
Please note that we do not have any ticket sales at the door. Online sale is the only way to get a ticket for the event. Online registration will be closed this Thursday the 17th at 23:59 Amsterdam time.

Also a friendly reminder to take a valid government issued ID card with you, as you will be carded at the entrance. No ID unfortunately means we will have to turn you away.
Would you be interested in non alcoholic beer at DFD this year?
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Heads up! 3 days left until DFD! Your last chance to grab a ticket is this Thursday the 17th at 23:59!

Get a ticket at www.dutchfurdance.nl
Only 2 days left until DFD! 🔥🔥
🚨 Your last chance to grab a ticket is until tonight 23:59! 🚨

Get a ticket at www.dutchfurdance.nl
One hour warning! Ticket sales will be closed at midnight! www.dutchfurdance.nl
We are experiencing some issues with our payments, please stand by as we are working to fix this.
Invoices are currently not being sent out, but payments are being processed properly. If you need your invoice sent to you, please contact @DibsRazell directly.
Ticket sales have officially closed! See you saturday!
Tickets have been sent out! Please check your emails and if you seem to be missing your ticket, don't hesitate to contact us!
A short service announcement! We will be sharing the outside part of the venue with the male guests from the wedding next door. Please be courteous to them, and report to staff/security if they are not being courteous to you! We will inform the venue staff and they will remove any troublemakers.

They will also be allowed to pass through the lobby to get in and out of their part of the venue, and we will be sharing the male toilets with them tonight.

Again, if there are any issues, please report it to staff.
The venue has asked us to keep drinks and the like within the dance floor area. Please do not take them into the lobby or outside.
We still have shirts left over! Come get them! DFD 2 shirts are almost entirely gone!
The bar will be having their last call in 5 minutes!