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Bringing DeFi and NFTs into Insurtech
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We've now sent DBD tokens to all our winners - welcome to all our new community members!

We will be launching our staking on Algorand in the next few days so keep an eye out on our socials.

You can now stake your #Algorand $DBD on our native #staking platform for up to 70% APY! πŸ₯³

#Crypto #DeFi

We've launched the DBD token on Tinyman! πŸ₯³

We've started with DBD/USDC and have pairs coming soon πŸ‘€

Swap for DBD here:

Stake for 70% APY here:
Day By Day are updating our Coinmarketcap page to include our Algorand ASA - this post will be used for verification by the CMC team.
Day By Day have teamed up with Yieldly to help grow our community and offer rewards!

We're excited to share we'll be opening 2 staking pools:

Open Now: YLDY > DBD
6pm AEST Thursday 15th September DBD/YLDY LP > YLDY

These pools will run for 120 days πŸ”₯

Read more here πŸ‘‰
Dear Friends of Day By Day,

We cordially invite you to join the waitlist for the Day By Day decentralised insurance platform testnet...

Watch this space and get your Web3 wallets ready with Polygon Mumbai faucet funds... this is going to be fun!

(Please note, these will be testnet NFTs ONLY, and not functional with our mainnet release)
Check out the brand new Day By Day GitBook!

We hope that this will help you navigate our platform and answer your questions about our Testnet when we go live.

What do you think? πŸ‘‰
The DBD/YLDY LP staking pool opens tonight!!

Here's how to get involved:
1. Get your DBD and YLDY on Tinyman
2. Add liquidity for the DBD/YLDY pair on Tinyman
3. You'll get DBD/YLDY LP tokens
4. Stake your LP tokens to get more YLDY Yieldly We never DM you

Get started πŸ‘‰

For those who signed up for early access to the Day By Day testnet - we've sent an email with instructions on how to access.

For everyone else, keep an eye on socials for your turn to give feedback and become an insurepreneur! πŸ˜‰
The Day By Day #Web3 Insurance Testnet is now Live!

The platform went live to early waitlist members last night at 7:45pm AEST and had over 350+ testnet NFTs minted overnight! 🀯

We have now opened to the public πŸ‘‰
Our page is now live in the Algorand Ecosystem!! πŸ₯³

Please give us an upvote to spread the word about Day By Day's insurance on #Web3 for your real-world assets


Eligible participants of our testnet have had their rewards distributed. These are people who provided unique feedback, shared a screenshot of their test, provided their email address and in the second group, shared a tweet to our account.

Thankyou all for the feedback, our dev team are busy getting ready for mainnet now!
We're proud to announce a Strategic Partnership with Warrp, a Web3 tech development and NFT project launchpad to help us bring our decentralised insurance platform to market and disrupt the $5.9 trillion dollar global insurance market!
We're running a Twitter #Competition to give 5 lucky people some of the first Day By Day NFTs!

Day By Day's NFTs have a unique utility - protecting anyone wanting to insure their assets. Plus, they will earn the holders passive income!

This is the start of democratising and decentralising the $5.9 trillion global insurance industry.

To get involved, see our tweet here:
We're excited to share our #mainnet for Insurance NFTs will launch next Thursday 27th October!

This will be stage 1 of our decentralised insurance platform that will disrupt the 5.9 trillion dollar global insurance industry.

Mint your insurance NFTs now to protect real-world assets while earning passive income
Following feedback we have received from our community, we have just withdrawn the DBD/USDC pair from Tinyman.

We are pleased to announce we are launching a Humble LP farm for DBD/ALGO!
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Buy 1, Get 1 Free! πŸ”₯

For a limited time only, every Day By Day Insurance Policy NFT you buy, you will get a second one for free!

To receive your bonus NFT:
1. Mint NFT from

2. Email us your wallet address and link to the NFT you minted

3. The team will send your 2nd NFT to the same wallet within 7 days.

(Please Note, Algorand users will need to opt-in to ASA IDs)
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Surprise! We've got a new Humble Pool for you to stake your DBD on Algorand!

Stake now: