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Trader Joe usdt.e - dai.e vault is getting decommissioned . If you have liquidity in it, please withdraw and claim your rewards. The vault will most likely be redeployed at a later time.

The vault requires the AVAX/DAI.e pair on Trader Joe to be liquid for zaps, price feed and for reinvest as well. Unfortunately Joe cut off rewards for this pair and it is now left with dust. This has impacted the vault being able to perform as expected.
If you want to help out Cycle, a great way to do so atm it to upvote this post ! Zapper is a huge portofolio manager/tracker that just started tracking projects on Avalanche. If the request gets attention, Cycle could get listed there!
AVAX-CYCLE vault from Lydia is up!

Base APR is way higher than both core and pangolin farm, and we boosted CYCLE rewards too.

If you're currently in the AVAX/CYCLE vault you can just ZAP out of it and zap in the Lydia one. To move from core farm to the Lydia farm, check out the guide in the medium article below!

Good farming 🧑‍🌾