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📢 Meet the new great coin on #GRAVIEX: the @RipaEx coin (#XPX) was listed!#XPX/#BTC  Welcome to trade!

#GRAVIEX Exchange: Fast withdrawals, Low fees, High security! 👍

The various uses of #DELAToken will include donations to non-profit organizations like UN. More and more platforms are already cultivating the use of #crypto as a #donation method to reduce high transaction fees and benefit all parties:

What is DIANA project?

DIANA, World’s First Moon Registry Public Blockchain.

The Diana project is birthed to decentralize ownership through group participation of citizens and an issue of the Cosmic Crypto Currency to actualize the citizens’ revolution of the extra-terrestrial resources.Diana Project is a way for us to gain back control and ownership of what is ours and not be side-lined.

▷ Objective- Use of Blockchain for Lunar Cadastral Map- Basis for ownership by cadastral map of participants (register acquisitive prescription)- Issue of DIANA cryptocurrency as proof of registration

​Project MultiChain

Exchange is cryptocurrency exchange, which aims to rethink the economy of sharing, combining the power of the MultiChain protocol and decentralization. It will allow the exchange of tokens issued on different blockchain platforms through one decentralized exchange supporting smart contracts of various blockchain platforms and interaction between them due to the MultiChain protocol. 

Business model is simple and more secure than most known blockchain-based projects. With any other project you need it to succeed in a new field – which is always risky. On the other hand, we do not test a new idea – just focusing on providing an excellent and in many aspects unique service which is in high demand. This project will be profiting from commissions – and we do not even depend on current coin rates, because we will stay afloat even if market drops. 

TokenMCE tokens are real utilities tokens that give their owners a 100 percent share of the daily income generated by MultiChainExchange. It should be noted that utilities tokens are used for transactions, exchange and access to products or services, providing some usefulness.The MCE accessory will provide users with an opportunity to reduce their fees to 80% depending on the number of tokens in their e-wallets. If the user has 1% of the total number of released MCEs, he receives a discount of 80%. 0.01% of the total number of tokens – 50% discount. 2000 MCE tokens – 25% discount.

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See you guys at 14:00 Nov 1, 2018 for EPR's Pre-sale:

Don't miss the first day bonus: 1 ETH =84,000 EPR.Please stay tuned to updates.

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Wise beyond her years, Rona is one of our amazing CoinBudle illustrators with loads of interesting experiences which molded her story. She has shared her tale and we know you will enjoy it, so please show some love and give some props to Rona! ❤️

Dear TXT Community, we are glad to announce to you; TXT is now tradable on with#TXT/BTC, #TXT/ETH pair.

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Some people like to geek out for Halloween and have some fun but can’t figure out what to wear. It should be easier to decide after checking this list of fun crypto-influenced costume ideas. 🎃💡