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Araw Pay - The Decentralised Payment Gateway.

You will see this button on many websites by end of 2019! Read #ARAW whitepaper for detail! - 

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What is DIANA project?

DIANA, World’s First Moon Registry Public Blockchain.

The Diana project is birthed to decentralize ownership through group participation of citizens and an issue of the Cosmic Crypto Currency to actualize the citizens’ revolution of the extra-terrestrial resources.Diana Project is a way for us to gain back control and ownership of what is ours and not be side-lined.

▷ Objective- Use of Blockchain for Lunar Cadastral Map- Basis for ownership by cadastral map of participants (register acquisitive prescription)- Issue of DIANA cryptocurrency as proof of registration

A candid snap from our end-of-week standup. We might need a larger Ping-Pong table soon.

#TeamVidy #Vidy #VidyCoin #TheChoiceIsYours

Token Information

Smart Contract: 0x4b44f450bc3bFB60DC1a0690cBA028e1193CaE4f

Max supply:10,000,000,000
Accepted payment:ETH

Token Link: etherscan:

Term of token sale:30 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

- All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible

- CEO & Dev wallets will be lock 1 year.

- Advisors wallets will be lock 3 months.
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Citizens of Decenturion will change the world", - Ken Rutkowski, entrepreneur and creator of a talk show about business

A famous entrepreneur and creator of the most popular radio talk show about business in the US, as well as such a genre as a “podcast”, believes that the potential of citizens of Decenturion is unlimited.

October 17th, 2018 - Ken Rutkowski, the creator of "Business Rockstars" talk-show on American radio, "Voice of Disruption" talk show host, techno and business futurist, innovator and entrepreneur, is sure that any initiative community endowed with knowledge and enthusiasm can change the world. Ken talked about this with the citizens of Decenturion during the Second Congress in Moscow.
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