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I am a professional crypto project manager and smart contract (solidity) developer.

Welcome to my crypto news channel.
This is not a financial advice! Always DYOR!
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Inuko Coin
Inuko Coin has made x8 since my call yesterday. Congrats if you was able to take profits πŸ˜ƒ
Inuko Coin has already reached $0.34 and could be the next 100x or 1000x coin. It's been crazy x22 since my call on October 9th.
Inuko Coin has recovered and is back to 40 cents after a 15 cent dip. Congratulations to everyone who bought the dip and didn't panic sell.

πŸ‘†A new gold diamond project is currently being rolled out and the launch is getting closer. More information will follow on my channel
A unique crypto project is about to start. A competition has recently been launched to give away 3 utility NFTs. Each holder of these NFTs will receive gold rewards directly from the gold mined on the gold claim.
1.5 hours after the official launch of the $WBM cryptocurrency, they made a x10.
This is an incredible start at an extremely hard and difficult time for everyone and especially for new crypto projects.
The message NYKNYC (not your keys, not your coins) has finally arrived. Many people move their BitCoins from centralized Exchanges to their hardware/software wallets.
Have you ever been scammed with a Crypto Token? With the Chrome addon "CryptoSmartAss" this won't happen so easily again.
This addon automatically adds advanced information like red flags to bscscan, coinmarketcat and coingeko about the token you are currently viewing.
It's absolutely free and no ads. Together against scam.
CoinMarketCap with red flags only with the CryptoSmartAss Chrome extension
What a great project. The price is still undervalued.
Have you heard of trading bots?
With a modern trading bot, you can adopt the trading strategy of top traders, the bot then carries out the trades fully automatically on your exchange like Binance and generates passive income for you. Register for free and take a look: