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Hello Maximalists! We've been informed that no one can send messages in the group.

We've updated some settings, can you please confirm whether or not it's possible for you to send messages here with a message!

Channel name was changed to «Crypto Maximalists Announcements»
Crypto Maximalists Announcements pinned «We've updated our Telegram so the chat will work for members. We'll be using this chat for announcements, we encourage everyone to join the chatroom as well!»
Thank you for 7k subs everyone!

We truly appreciate you at the channel and we're working hard to bring you good quality content every single day.
4 videos per day. Come and get involved.
We're almost at 10k guys!

We'd really really appreciate it if you all would share the channel, the recent shadowban to crypto content is making it very difficult for us to reach as many people as usual. Like and comment to help out.

Appreciate you all so much.


Please make sure to come back every day to check out our videos, you'll have to manually search until we are no longer censored. All crypto channels are experiencing this. Huge amounts of demand for the content, and the organic reach is absolutely crushed.

Please make sure to like and comment to help with the algorithm!

Crypto Maximalists Announcements pinned «YouTube is CENSORING CRYPTO CONTENT! Please make sure to come back every day to check out our videos, you'll have to manually search until we are no longer censored. All crypto channels are experiencing this. Huge amounts of demand for the content, and the…»
What's up everyone. Really appreciate you guys. Not posted here in a week or so as we're limiting it to big updates only.

But we're almost at 10k subs! Incredible achievement and can't thank you all enough, really hoping to continue growing the community as a useful place for all.

Also just another side note that we're currently getting our reach seemingly shadow-banned on YouTube as most crypto channels seem to be as well. The reach is slowly improving thanks to all your help, but we'd really appreciate it if you could make a special effort to like all the videos you see and check back into the channel each day to see the content, we post 4 videos at least every single day, but most aren't being pushed out to our subs right now...

We're trying to get the bottom of this, but for now we truly appreciate all your support! Please share the content and let's get to 10k subscribers!

What's up everyone! Appreciate you all so so much recently.

We're about to hit 10k subscribers which is amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you for your support truly!

We're experiencing a huge amount of censorship on YouTube still with our reach to new viewers now down around 80% from 1 month ago, along with most crypto channels experiencing the same problems. We thought initially this was because of a drop-off in interest in crypto the past month, but our subscribers have never been more engaged than they have now, whilst our organic reach continues to drop. It seems extremely likely we're getting shadow-banned, despite YouTube saying nothing is wrong...

We're also experiencing problems with our bank as well in relation to crypto... decentralization can't come quickly enough!

Smash that like button, this is the best way to help push our content out, keep hitting the like button.

Appreciate everyone so so much for all of your support. Make sure to check the channel manually every single day, as it looks like notifications aren't currently being sent out.

Just as a heads up for everyone following the channel, we've now also received the warning from YouTube like many others (
@GrahamStephan @RealStockMoe just to name a few) that they'll be terminating our channel on the 12th of July due to spam unless we cease immediately.

We've never participated in any kind of spam, the only commenting we've ever engaged in is trying to thank all our supporters with a reply in the comment section, but it seems even this is now potentially dangerous for us to do.

YouTube has had a horrible problem with spam and scams in comment sections of financial channels for over a year now and has done nothing, actively choosing to allow spam to continue without any tools for creators to deal with the barrage of impersonators and scam comments.

Seems as though genuine hardworking creators are now being lumped in with the scammers, despite obvious innocence of basically all channels being warned in this way. YouTube has decided a blanket warning approach targeting all accounts rather than new obvious spam accounts.

There are many ways YouTube could solve this issue, giving accounts a maturity period before being allowed to comment 100 times across videos, or giving creators the option to filter out new accounts. YouTube has gotten this horrible wrong and is attacking it's creators.

We've tried to contact YouTube numerous times about this issue, but they give the same cookie cutter responses about the issue that have already been highlighted in @GrahamStephan for example, and just shows the lack of care this is being dealt with in.

Not only are creators being heavily targeted by scammers, but creators are now being punished for being targeted by impersonators and scammers as well, YouTube is unfairly lumping in real creators with the scammers, most likely due to a heavy handed badly designed algorithm.

We are livid about this, after working so hard on the channel and doing nothing wrong, so we'll be limiting all comments on our videos for review until further notice, so we can no longer be held accountable for scammers on our channel, and hope that's enough.

@YouTube @YouTubeCreators It seems like you've gotten this wrong and we hope you can rectify this attack on your creators, it's obvious from the amount of top quality channels who been branded with this warning that you need to address this issue correctly and fairly.