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Will we see BTC at $10000 today?
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⚙️ We have re-think our opinion about Fear&Greed Index. A couple of months ago it was very useful, our old members remember this.

Why did we decide to stop using this indicator? Very simple. This tool was created in the beginning of February 2018 and we have no data about market's behaviour during the recent bullrun in 2017. During a bear market it was very useful, but now - not.
🍀 Bitfinex buys LEO coins every 3 hours for 27% of their income (mean trading fees). Yesterday we can saw the biggest purchase - 27000 LEO. Trade volumes are growing, while the amount of coins in a free access decreasing. Artificial deficits.

💭 Just some thoughts about the market

BTC has finally broken $10k resistance! Here we need to clearify some important things.
First of all, never go global short here. Our goal is to find good spots for a long. Almost nobody from non-crypto people understands that BTC went X3 in a half a year, last time we could see FOMO from $4-5k and now it's silence while we are near $11k!

Second important note: keep your money in BTC, not in alts. If you weren't trading in 2017 - go and check chart of any altcoin during the 2017 autumn, you'll see how they bled and suffered. Try to have at least 70% of your funds in BTC. Third one: if you sold BTC too early and have a lot of USD, you can start buying major alts, such as LTC, ADA, EOS and others. During altcoin season they will give you hundreds % of profit.

Huge volume
shows that Bitcoin does not want to stop the uptrend! Right now we need to find a spot to open BTC long.

We can see a clear resistance at the $11k level and two strong supports in the $10200 and $10500 area. Thus, the price is now at the resistance level, where the oscillators show overbought and divergence by RSI, which is also a signal of strong resistance.

to the full idea on TradingView:
👨🏼‍At the 26th of June, Bitfinex will be offline for up to seven hours because of the platform upgrade works. Moreover, by the end of the month will be a CME Semi-annual Futures expiration date. The next week promises to be interesting. If we remove all euphoria from our minds, we will smell some correction. However, let’s see.

Link: medium.com/bitfinex/bitfinex-to-complete-platform-upgrade-on-june-26-7ebfbc97ee0b

Besides the fact that with a high probability (about 70%) the crypto market will go to a small, local correction. However, major-altcoins are completely oversold at the moment, this fact will lead to an increase in volumes on them. By the increase in volumes, I mean growth because they have almost no space for further falling. By major altcoins I mean $LTC, $EOS, $TRX, $ADA etc.

The most attractive one is Litecoin ($LTC). Why? Because it is very strong from both sides: fundamental and technical. I hope you know its Fundamental side - it is Halving which will take place in 1.5 months, it gives LTC a great advantage in front of other projects, therefore it will be much safer to buy exactly Litecoin now. The strongest support is located at the level 0.0127, the targets are 0.0135, 0.0150 and 0.02 sats.

By the way, we have already published a signal on this altcoin in the Premium Margin Channel and the one reached the first target. However, we will tell more about this signal in the next post. Stay tuned.

Link to the TradingView idea: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCBTC/R9PIE7Bm-LITECOIN-Another-Fly-Up-Halving-SOON/

Yesterday we have published the LONG signal in the Premium Scalping channel. We've opened the LONG trade on LTC for the price 0.0129 BTC. The first target was reached in 2 hours, the second target was reached in 6 hours. At the moment we fixed 45% profits and waiting further targets to be hit. We didn't publish an only idea, but earn on one too.

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Screenshots of our signal and position are below. 👇
​​🍔 Not only Litecoin, but ETHEREUM TOO!

Yesterday we, along with Premium Margin members, opened a LONG position on ETH too, not only on LTC. The average entry price was $306. 2/5 targets were reached in 15 hours which is a good result. We fixed 33% profit and waiting for further targets to be hit. If we sum up #LTC and #ETH trades, we did almost 80% profit in 20 hours.

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Screenshots of our signal and position are below. 👇

$BTC crossed $10000 and this is the huge event that we have been waiting for a long time. To mark this ocasion we have decided to give a special offer to all those people who wanted to buy a subscription to Klondike Premium Channels. We give discounts of 25% to first 5 lucky ones who buy the subscription to all three channels (Scalping + Margin + Altcoins).

Lifetime All Channels: 0.03 BTC (regular price 0.04 BTC)

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Lol, looks funny. 1-Minute $BNB chart. Looks like their bots broke down and live their own lives 😅
Extremely high funding rate for BTC and ETH! Holding longs is truly expensive now!
💭 At the left side we have a screenshot that was made at 18th of February 2018. At the right side we have a screen that was made at the 24th of June 2019.

As you can see, Bitcoin's price is almost the same on both screenshots, but take a look at altcoins: ETH fell down for more than 300%, XRP fell for 200%. NEO -700%. That's the reason why we all should keep the majority of crypto-money in Bitcoin.

EOS shows a strong support in the zone of 0.000620 BTC - 0.000665 BTC. Moreover, on the 2H time-frame we can see a local double bottom and in case the price dumps to 0.000620 BTC , we will even bigger Double Bottom pattern. If we take a look at indicators, we will see a convergence on RSI and oversold on Stoch . RSI . The "final" target of a ascending movement is 0.000840 BTC.

Link to the TradingView idea: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/EOSBTC/AuhyA0E7-EOS-Good-Set-Up-for-a-GROWTH/
Forwarded from Klondike (Scalping)

We took a small rest (2 days) from Scalping Signals, you could mention this because we didn't publish any results. However, we are back and we ROCK! Two hours ago we've published a SHORT signal on XBT in the Premium Scalping Channel. Guess what? It took only 1 HOUR to reach 5/7 targets and fix 150% profit. The fastest signals only in Klondike Scalping.

🤯 I bet that you are impressed and think that such a service costs a lot of money - NO, it is not expensive. For more information please write to me @kankordio.

Screenshots of our signal and position are below. 👇
🐲 Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino has just hinted that we can see a x100 leverage soon. Lion emoji - reference to coin #LEO.
Forwarded from Blockchain Bob
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We all understand that the correlation between $BTC and $ETH is really high. But different currencies have different places of support and resistance. For example, here on ETH chart Elliott waves look much more logical, because here the market is less affected by the spontaneous buyers. Thus, we can see support and resistance much more clear. Drawing conclusions from the chart, we understand that we can buy $ETH from the $300 level in order to sell the entire position at the ±$340 zone.

If you take a look at the recent candles volumes and oscillators, you would understand that both ETH and BTC formed perfect corridors for trading. That is, buy ETH at $300, and sell at $316 in order to buy at $300 again. With this approach, you can open a LONG position at <$300 and sell around $312-316 20-30% of the position in order to buy the same 20-30% at $300 again. With Bitcoin the situation is exactly the same, check the levels in the previous idea.