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Also, soon the site will be unreachable, due to opening of deposits/withdrawals. So don’t panic.

Setting things up!
Sorry everyone, I found a bug with fees, which I should fix first and test!

So I launched an updated countdown on the site, with opening time!
As some users are in panic, let me give a little feedback of what’s happening.

About Cryptopia:
LBTCIOR is been spamming them, even proved that he is part of dev team, but still without any “specific” answer about situation.

About CryptoConst:

Paradoxaly but the reason of the delay are the previous delays (Whhhaaaaaat?).

Let me explain it.

We had exchange ready several times, I mean the basic exchange. The architecture of our exchange is modular with microservices connected. That allows us to for example launch only the trade, or only the registration, but disable some other modules.

It’s cool architecture, because it allows us to connect and develop as many new modules, as we want.

Now about the delays.
Some of earlier delays, that happened some months ago, was caused for several reason, as example, the connection of wallets (mraksoll’s field), or the list of coins (LBTCIOR’s field). As I was supposed to wait for those moment, I decided to don’t waste time, and keep developing or improving structures.

The problem is that those “little” improvements, some of them I forgot, others left half done, now, when I was testing the service, was creating unexpected results. Remember the fee problem that I told you? It was taking a fee in INT value, instead of decimal. it’s just an example. So that’s was the main problem now.

Now I fixed it, I’m connecting last items and will make the release in the next 2-3 days.
Meanwhile, we were discussing the limits and the commissions. So for now we have this data confirmed:

Main markets at start:

BTC market commission:

LBTC market commission:
0.15% (25% less)

Withdrawal commission:
Depends from each coin

Withdrawal limit:
Users without 2FA enabled - 0.5 BTC
Users with 2FA enabled - 2 BTC

Unlimited withdrawal is being discussed.
We all have waited for too long and finally I can say that everything is done. With 99% expect the exchange tonight! I wont launch the countdown, because of the fact that as only I finish, we start. You will receive emails, maybe on spam folder and i will aware here, some mins before.
Still working on! The launch will happen soon!
I’m sending little amounts of diferent coins to the exchange and backwards. So some coins which have longer time to confirm are killing me, but having good results. Everything is working, no bugs spoted so far!
So yeah, as planned, we are opening tonight.

We will open already with deposits/withdraws and trades on one market!

At start we will start with BTC market and 5 coins:

I’m right now testing LBTC market, and will open it after full coverage. - This doesn’t affect the release tonight!

The fees still:
0.2% for all markets
0.15% for LBTC market

So, BTC-LBTC transactions has less fees!

This time no delays, so be ready if you want to be the first to put some orders 😉
Countdown launched!
Ok, so lets get started 😃
Uploading updated server, 2 mins =)
Done 😃
Important notice!

Reactivate your 2FA!

Activate your email!

All 5 coins deposits and withdraws are working like a charm!

Trades on BTC market works like a charm!

I’m testing right now the deposit/withdraw real time display of confirms, once I test it, you will have new button on menu, where will be able to see in how many confirmations are there.

Exchange accepts coins based on confirms, when confirmations are there, the balance is deposited.

You will get an email.
The confirmation quantity:

BTC - 3
LBTC - 20
LTC - 3
Dash - 20
Doge - 10
Our DataCenter informed us that they are experiencing network issues. This issues affected some of our servers.

So for a while, to don’t run into any errors, we disabled our USA servers. That mean that the mailing system and deposit/withdraw system is temporary down.

Eitherway you can keep use exchange, as the exchange servers are located in Europe.

Also our Data Center can’t provide yet the ETA, but they are working hard now to fix the issue.

If it will take more than 12h to be fixed we will connect our security servers to allow users to withdraw or deposit, so nothing to be worry about!

So after several hours our data center finally fixed the issues. Even that the problem was caused by our hoster and not on our side, the CryptoConst team is sorry for this temporary issues.

Now we deployed all systems again and everything is working fine!

We already had our system split in several servers, that’s the reason why the exchange was working, meanwhile the wallets and mail server were down.

Due to that experience we now plan to make some upgrades to our infrastructure, to avoid situations like that. Even though this situation wasn’t expected and in one year this is the first time we got problems with the hoster, we should be prepared, to grant our users the best possible service!

Sincerelly your,
CryptoConst Team!
Successfully listed Litecoin Finance on exchange.
see newt at eng chat.

Dear users!
Due to several reasons it was decided to close CryptoConst Exchange.
The possible date of full deactivation is 31/08/2019.
Whole next month we will be working to close the exchange at the most flexible way.

Don’t panic!

All your funds are safe and will be retrieved back to you. Now we still working on, setting everything up and checking all logs and balances. Further information about how this will work will be provided as soon as possible.

Long story short - August will be the month of retrieving your funds back to you! So you have the whole next month to make a request. Details of the request and how it will work, will be provided in next few days.

The moderation of the whole process is made by @MrMiau, in case of questions please contact me directly.