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✳️ = Bots created by our team.
List of @CryptoBots:

Anti-Spam: (Needs admin priv)
@AntiChineseSpambot ✳️
@BitchSlapperbot ✳️ @SetupGuide
@CryptoGroupsbot ✳️ @SetupGuide
@Hal9000CGbot ✳️ @SetupGuide
@PimpSlapperbot ✳️

Management: (Needs admin priv)
@CryptoGroupsbot ✳️ @SetupGuide
@CryptoManagebot ✳️ @SetupGuide

@CryptoWhalebot ✳️

@CrabRavebot (Crab dance)
@Icon8bot (Cool Image filter)
@ListMebot ✳️ (Get listed @Crypto)
@Robot (Directory)
@Vote (Group Voting)

@BotFather (Create a bot)
@Manybot (Manage a bot)

@lntxbot (Uses Lightning Network)

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@NoToScam (Run by @Telegram)
📍Get unbanned or report scam:
@Resolutions (Run by @Crypto)
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