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«The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.» Edmund Burke
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Cultural Marxism: What is it, what is its history and how is it managing to degrade democracy.
A political strategy that was put in writing, that the USSR developed and that has managed to subdue the most lukewarm right:
The real reasons why Pedro Sánchez will not send any tanks to Ukraine.
The Spanish Government has spent two months lying about this possible delivery, while considerably increasing the purchase of gas from Russia:
An abandoned UH-1 Iroquois helicopter on a rooftop in a post-apocalyptic place.
The aircraft, of the US Army, is as if it had suffered an accident, but there are things that do not add up:
Is Taiwan like Catalonia? A reply to the propaganda supporters of communist China.
They try to extend the influence of the communist dictatorship of Xi Jinping among the defenders of the unity of Spain, with an absurd comparison:
The gesture of dignity of the King of Spain before the wink of Gustavo Petro to terrorists.
A gesture worthy of applause in the embarrassing inauguration of the new president of Colombia, a communist who belonged to the terrorist group M-19:
The ghost town and the old underground explosives factory of La Torerera.
An interesting report by Aventuras Entresierras shows us this place in ruins located in the Spanish municipality of Calañas (Huelva):
The war crimes perpetrated by Simón Bolívar against Spanish prisoners.
He ordered the murder of thousands of Spaniards, including hospital patients. A review of this criminal to whom the extreme left wants the King of Spain to pay homage: