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«The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.» Edmund Burke
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A Spanish MP of Vox remembered the Polish hero Witold Pilecki on his 120th anniversary.
He was a hero of the resistance against nazism, killed by communism. David García has remembered him in the Valencian Parliament:
The impressive numbers of German communists who joined the Nazi Party.
Historians and sources of the time reveal some little-known facts today and that will surprise some people about the degree of affinity between the two totalitarianisms:
The true origin of the distorted name of Palestine: a story ignored by many people.
The Jews of the Holy Land called themselves 'Palestinians' until 1948. The Arabs endorsed the term with the decline of Pan-Arabism in the 1960s:
The influential leftist organization Avaaz wants to impose censorship on Counting Stars.
It appeared as the first website of a blacklist published by Avaaz, aimed at censoring Facebook pages that criticize the left. And what about freedom of speech?
The spooky ultimate purpose of gender ideology explained by one of its creators.
The influential radical feminist Shulamith Firestone wanted to abolish childhood and normalize incest and pedophilia. And she wrote it all down in a book:
The Pogrom of Ludmiłówka: a silenced killing of Jews at the hands of communists.
The massacre, perpetrated by communist partisans in Poland, was ordered by a veteran of the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War:
Witold Pilecki: only Vox vindicates this Polish anti-nazi and anti-communist hero in Spain.
In 1940 he infiltrated in Auschwitz to investigate and denounce the Holocaust. May 25 marks the anniversary of his assassination by the communists:
Vistula Program: the terrible secret that the USSR hid from the Poles on their own soil.
The ruins of one of the best kept secrets in communist Poland. Its discovery shocked the Poles after the Soviet withdrawal in 1991:
From tyrants to social democrats: costumes of the communism in the old Marxist Europe.
Ten former single parties of communist dictatorships are partners of the Party of European Socialists today:
The Hill of the Angels, witness of the red terror in Spain: thus attacked a monument to Christ.
It was inaugurated on this day as today, May 30, 1919. In 1936 the monument was savagely shot and dynamited by Red militiamen:
A reply to the attacks against Vox published by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.
That center-right media attacks Vox using the classic left-wing clichés. Jędrzej Bielecki even attributes to Abascal a statement that he did not say:
The persecution of scientists in communism: a fanatical repression that ended in a catastrophe.
The USSR executed scientists simply for defending the theories of Darwin and Mendel. Millions of people ended up paying the consequences:
A progressive Spanish newspaper describes Auschwitz as "Polish" without citing Germany.
The Auschwitz Memorial has asked the newspaper As, of PRISA Group, to rectify. It is not the first time that this group recovers Stalinist libels against the Poles:
Massive demonstration against the pardons of the government of Spain to coup leaders.
They accused the government of "violating the Constitution" with the pardons to the leaders of the Catalan separatist coup of 2017:
A forgotten fact about Auschwitz: most of its first prisoners were Catholics.
The first 728 prisoners were all Polish men. They arrived at Auschwitz from Tarnów prison on June 14, 1940, on a day like today 81 years ago: