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Salutations to all! It's a fine day. The team works. We are not in a hurry to announce our project on bitcointalk. Everything will be fine! Wait for news in the coming days.β˜„οΈ
Hi folks! To date, our project has 3 investors who will participate in the private sale. The total investment is $ 11245. Thank you for your trust in our project! We will not let you down and your expectationsπŸ“£
changed group name to «»
IMPORTANT! We have changed the concept of the CBN project. The collateral MN has changed. Read more:
CBN Mainnet Launched!
The Mainnet of Connect Business Network Coin is launched, please download the Wallet v1.0.4 from our github:
Hi CBN community! Some people ask us where to buy CBN coin. We decided to split the premine wallet, and offer the community 10,000 CBN coins. All funds received from the sale of coins, the team will spend on listing on the exchange and MasterNodes online. If you wish to buy CBN coins, please contact me in discord CRYPTO LUCIFER#7060
@everyone Connect Business Network (CBN) is now available for hosting on Crypos Platform. The price of Hosting will be 0.033$ daily (approx. 0.99$/month).:Emojione_1F389:
Official white paper published:publicidade: . Take a look here: Soon we will add white paper to our website.
Our web wallet is available at
We decided not to raise the price of our coin! We need to strengthen the network, the more nodes in the chain, the more stable the network. Everyone who wants to buy a node can do this for the price of 1 MN - 0.05 BTC. The coin listing on the exchange is scheduled by us for the end of September
Priсe 1 CBN: 0,00005 BTC
Price 1 Node (1000CBN): 0,05 BTC
Minimum buy 100 CBN = 0,005 BTC
We are happy to inform @everyone that CBN coin (CBN) has been listed on Dextro Platform!
Reward Schema: Block 44,201 - 87,400 MN - 57% Staker - 43% Reward MN +2%
Connect Business Network is a community of independent developers, marketers, and businesses. Join us today!
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