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The future of charity is now on the blockchain
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Commit Good will offer a single sign-on experience, allowing users to develop digital identities and keep consent-based management over their private information, through GlobaliD partnership. This partnership will enable further trust in Commit Good’s blockchain platform.
“By leveraging GlobaliD’s identity solution, Commit Good will strengthen user privacy, help ensure the integrity of projects, and potentially expand access to those who don’t have traditional forms of identifying documentation.” - Greg Kidd, CEO and Co-Founder of GlobaliD.
Commit Good is changing the charitable funding user experience to align with web3 provision of data privacy along with data portability. Data privacy is a key component for web3 and trust in funding charitable projects are mission critical.
“Commit Good’s platform combines the major components of web3: blockchain, cryptocurrency, Self Sovereign Identity, Charitable Reward NFT’s and future expansion into the Metaverse” - Clay Braswell, Founder and CEO Commit Good.
GlobaliD’s Self Sovereign Identity allowing Commit Good’s users to share only the information required but still having control over personal data.

Commit Good users can have confidence in its commitment to user privacy.
“We are excited to team with GlobaliD as we expand across the globe to establish a Charitable Economy.” - Clay Braswell, Founder and CEO Commit Good.
Few ways Blockchain can affect charity..

Accept donation without paying currency exchange fee 🌎
No 3rd party = donation transaction owned by users & cutting transaction costs
Distributed ledger allows transparency to track donations
Crowdfunding to acquire rapid funds💲