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Let`s talk about Border Collie! 🐾
The Border Collie is an amazing dog. Perhaps a little too amazing for owners who don't have the time, energy, or money to keep it engaged. When the job is done, these lively dogs will settle down for some snuggle time.
The overall appearance is that of a robust but nimble worker who is unaffected by fashion trends. Both the rough and smooth coats are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The almond eyes are the focal point of an intelligent face, and the Border Collie's famous 'herding eye' is a breed trademark. Borders' intellect, athleticism, and trainability are all well-suited to agility training. Border happiness is dependent on having a job to do, such as work:

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Do dogs have good hearing?
Dogs have extremely sharp hearing, which has helped our four-legged companions for millennia. According to Petful, dogs can hear sounds at four times the distance of the human ear! They can even use each of their ears individually, focusing on specific sounds. Dogs on average have 18 muscles moving each ear - three times more than humans! Dogs can hear different frequencies too, hence why they react to whistle sounds so strongly while we can’t hear anything. And finally, their hearing is selective, meaning they can choose whether or not to ignore you when you call them!

Let`s talk about Maltese! 🐾
The Maltese are small dogs from the “toy” group. They have long, straight, silky fur coats that can weigh up to eight pounds.
Their tiny bodies move with a smooth and fluid step, which, coupled with a flowing mantle-like fur coat is a sight to behold. The attractive Maltese face may win over even the most jaded person with its huge, dark eyes and black gumdrop nose. Maltese, despite their aristocratic appearance, are surprisingly tough and adaptable dogs. They are vigilant and fearless (albeit rather ineffective) watchdogs, as well as competitive agility athletes. Maltese are low-shedding, long-lived dogs who like meeting new people. They react well to reward-based training, despite being difficult and defiant at times.
Meet our CoinDog Maltese, DOTTIE DAISY:

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Coindogs is the best dog game where you can get an adorable furry friend of your own! If you love pets, especially dogs, you’re going to love our game. It’s a beautiful world where your virtual pups can live in and be happy. Play and take care of your doggies in CoinDogs!

How fast can dogs run?
Dog speed varies from breed to breed and is also dependent on their size, body shape, leg length, age, and health condition. A Greyhound (the fastest dog breed in the world), for instance, can reach an average speed of 72 km/h (44 mph), and some individual athlete dogs can reach up to 80,5 km/h (50 mph)! This is all thanks to the aerodynamic shape of their body, even though other breeds can make themselves more aerodynamic in motion and/or move their ears close to or behind their heads. There’s also a big difference between how dogs move their legs when they walk (moving right and left ones in unison) and run (leaping with their legs pushed together).

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If you want to get your very own puppy and spend time with it, register at CoinDogs now and get the first dog for free! You can cross-breed your pet with other dogs and get even more pups. Make your dog look special with hundreds of accessories! It’s waiting for you!


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Why there are so many dog breeds?
Dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet. The Kennel Club has identified 218 different breeds, not counting regional variants, designer hybrids, mixed breeds, and mutts!
Genetically, dogs have branched out from wolves around 27 000 years ago. Nobody knows when our ancestors have started to selectively breed dogs with certain characteristics, but thanks to that we have such diversity today. In the 19th century, selection became more frequent and active, applying a scientific approach to yield both aesthetically pleasing and useful results. Hunting, herding, racing, or simply looking stunningly beautiful - our furry companions can do it all!

Each dog has their own unique personality, so players can easily find something that suits them. CoinDogs will immerse you into the role of a real dog owner. You will have lots of pawsome friends that will love you no matter what!


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Let`s talk about Saint Bernards! 🐾
Saint Bernards are known for being patient and careful 'nanny dogs' for children.
They are very strong and muscular dogs, with imposing figures, even females, although they tend to be smaller and more delicate. Saints Bernard’s massive head has a furrowed brow, a short nose, and dark eyes, all of which combine to give it an intelligent and kind appearance. If you ever find yourself lost in the Alps, the sight of this magnificent dog will fill your heart with joy and confidence
Meet our CoinDog Saint Bernard, SIDE ZONE SHORTY:

How high can a dog jump?
Some dogs can easily hop on a couch, some need a small ladder to take a nap next to you in their favorite armchair, and for some, even fences are hardly an obstacle. Just like with running, a dog’s ability to jump and how high can it get depend on its size, strength, age, and physical condition. According to Cuteness, the maximum recorded height of a dog’s jump is 1,8 meters (5,9 feet). Interestingly, small dog breeds can sometimes jump up several times their height! As for the length of a jump, The Labrador Site states that some athlete dogs can jump at a whopping 9 meters (29.5 feet) distance!

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Hi there!
Today, let's talk about hero dogs 🦸‍♂️
Did you know about Roselle, a heroic Labrador Retriever from the US?
On September 11, 2001, Michael Hingson was working as usual on the 78th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center with his guide dog, Roselle. When the disaster struck, Roselle escorted him through choking smoke and chaos down the 1,463-step stairwell to safety.
Truly, a dog hero! Don’t you agree?
Share your thoughts in the comments👇

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There are dozens of dog breeds in CoinDogs: German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Schnauzer, Doberman, Beagle, Labrador, Corgi, Daschund, and many more! Which one is your favorite? Click the link down below and get the dog of your dreams!


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Let`s talk about Dachshund! 🐾
The Dachshund's renowned long, low silhouette, ever-alert look, and strong, energetic demeanor have made him a canine superstar. Dachshunds are available in two sizes and three coat kinds, each with different colors and patterns. The phrase 'icon' is overused, but the Dachshund is definitely a symbol of purebred dogdom, with his recognizable long-backed physique, little legs, and enormous attitude. Dachshunds come in three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired, and are available in regular (about 16 to 32 pounds) or tiny (11 pounds or less) sizes. They make excellent watchdogs since they are smart and vigilant, with a big-dog bark. They were bred to be independent hunters of dangerous prey, and while they may be reckless and stubborn at times, their lovable attitude and distinct appearance have won millions of hearts around the world.
Meet our CoinDog Corgi, DALE DHARMA:

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Dogs react to and copy their owners’ emotions
If you own a dog, you must have noticed that they can help you reduce stress when you’re feeling down. But it also works in the opposite direction. Austrian scientists have found out that owners’ personality has a huge impact on their furry companions. Dogs and humans have evolved to work together and as such, our emotional states affect one another. If a person is neurotic, confident, outgoing, open-minded, conformist, etc, their dog will share these personality traits. This is true for emotions as well, so if you’re angry all the time, your pet will also be more aggressive. So stay happy together with your four-legged companion and support each other!

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Try your reflexes and quick wit in Dogshot! Click LMB to jump and get the dog of a specific color through lines of the same color. The moment the dog touches a line of a different color from its own, the game is over. The longer you can keep up, the higher the score!🎮

Hello, pawsome friends! Want to test your dog trivia?

Toy dogs are adorable and funny, but what qualifies one? What is the height at which a dog is considered to be a “toy dog”? Is it 30-35 cm (~12-14 inches) or 35-40 cm (~14-16 inches)? Let us know in the comments down below!


Leo the German Shepherd

Leo is a Netherlands celebrity. This brave German Shepherd has been hard at work for years catching drug smugglers. At its job, Leo has helped with seizing 18 kg of cocaine, 30 kg of heroin, a ton of marijuana, and over three tons of hashish!



A timeless classic to make your pup happy! Rotate and place blocks to form horizontal lines and try to prevent them from stacking up to the top of the screen. The more lines you complete, the higher the score. How long can you last?


Dorado the Labrador Retriever - hero of 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, a blind programmer Omar Eduardo Rivera was working on the 71st floor of World Trade Center with his guide dog, Dorado. When disaster struck, he removed Dorado’s leash to give his pet a chance to escape and told him to go, never hoping to make it out alive or see his beloved dog ever again. To his surprise, Dorado didn’t leave him. Although they were separated for a short while, the brave Labrador returned and together with his coworker helped its owner get out of the burning building.

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