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Does not mean “I consent to be governed.”
It means, “We consent you to govern us.”
Pray today for the fallen.
Dont forget:
You give them consent to govern you.
Night shift for the Maricopa County Audit starts tonight.

The third shift schedule is from 8pm pst to 1am pst.

If you see anything strange occurring on the cameras, please report the issue to a chatroom like @AZAuditChat.
Pentagon UFO release?
Just in time to cover for Fauci.
I wonder if the Pennsylvania forensic audit will figure out what happened to those missing USB devices.
AZ, PA, GA, WI, MI, ??, ??, ?? ...
Which country do you think is most responsible for the pandemic?
Anonymous Poll
Both, in cahoots.
Pence promised a potential 2024 run by GOP super fundraisers (ie never trumpers) in exchange for throwing Trump under the bus? <—
The way that Jenna Ellis mocks the people fighting the hardest for election integrity does not help her credibility.
The way that Jenna Ellis was ineffective and sometimes counter productive in the weeks after the election does not help her credibility. (Sabotage?)
The way that Jenna Ellis publicly treated Trump with disgust does not help her credibility.
Based on Jenna Ellis’ previous statements and actions, it is simply not possible to trust her.
FBI has “partners” who can sometimes help unlock ransomware attacks.
If a majority of the governments, scientists, researchers and media around the world can collude to push a false COVID19 origin hoax with social media companies banning everyone who speaks out, is it so far-fetched to believe a few SOS and local govt officials could work with an election systems vendor to steal an election?
FBI having access to private keys used to unlock ransomware indicates a few possibilities.

1. FBI has the ability to crack public key encryption. (Unlikely)
2. FBI has backdoors into public key encryption. (Unlikely)
3. FBI has hacked the ransomware teams and stole the private keys from them. (Likely)
4. FBI has arrested certain ransomware team members and received the private keys from the apprehended suspects. (Likely)
5. FBI is involved in creating and spreading ransomware and thus are able to procure the private keys that they maintain. (Plausible)
Why would the FBI be involved in spreading ransomware?

It is simple.
Ransomware is an unconventional warfare technique.
If the FBI is able to create ransomware that attacks the infrastructure of enemy states, then they will have made huge operational gains for the country.
Of course there is a large potential for collateral damage with such a program, but perhaps that is why Director Wray is offering to provide private keys to US entities that get hit by ransomware.
Note that Director Wray said that partners of the FBI would in certain cases be able to provide private keys through the FBI.

CIA/NSA would be considered partners of the FBI.

FBI is technically “law enforcement” and likely would not have the technical ability to hack or crack ransomware groups themselves.
The CIA/NSA are definitely capable though.
Forwarded from Stephanie
Awesome, elections are how people state approval or disapproval for those employed on the public purse, if they cheat us of that right, it’s not a country it’s a prison.
Is the BALLOT PRINTING company also the company that mails the ballots?
Does the ballot printing company receive the mailed ballots that were marked RETURN TO SENDER?
What happens to the ballots that get returned to sender?
Does the ballot printing company also manage the anonymous ballot drop boxes?
Is the ballot printing company responsible for spearheading the creation of unconstitutional laws that allowed for mail in ballots in the first place?
Surely this scenario didn’t happen:
1. Ballots printed then mailed to phantom people at fake addresses.
2. Ballots returned to printer.
3. Printer fills out the ballots.
4. Printer puts ballots into anonymous ballot drop box.
What is RUNBECK?
If the auditors in Arizona end up proving significant fraud occurred in Maricopa County, the entire “perfect election” narrative goes out the window.
Other states and counties will immediately start their own audits.
Wont be long before critical mass is achieved and all the dominoes come crashing down.
All eyes on the audit(s)!


Alien invasion?

Fauci created Covid19?

Gaza strip land invasion?

Orbital energy weapon destroys RV CAMPER in middle of city?