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Just heard this American joke on Russia's main TV channel, Russia1, on weekly news show: "When Billy-Bob found out that his parents voted for Biden, he stopped visiting their graves." Ouch!
The shutdowns, lockdowns, curfews and various other supposedly epidemic control measures are really consumption suppression measures, not epidemiological but petrochemical, driven by the need to curtail the consumption of oil in a systematic and symmetrical manner. Please allow me to clue you in. Read the full article... or
The newly hatched US State Dept. mouthpiece ineffectually complains about the Russian police using proper lawful methods to detain and charge violent Western-paid operatives and ask Russia to release convicted embezzler Aleksey Navalny in spite of him having violated the terms of his parole and having several criminal cases outstanding against him while the West continues to refuse to provide credible evidence of his poisoning with British-made Novichok poison.
Which kind of propaganda do you prefer, the Russian kind or the American kind? Since neither can be said to be the actual unbiased truth (the term "propaganda" is a dead giveaway) and since it seems important for you to know the actual unbiased truth (please tell me why) you may like neither. But it's one of those situations where you have to choose because telling the actual unvarnished truth in a sufficiently detailed and factual way would surely put you to sleep. By now I have learned how to keep an audience awake, and it's by telling a story—a narrative, if you will. And a story, to be interesting, has to have a main protagonist and one or more antagonists. That's just how our monkey brains are wired, so don't blame me!

Speaking of brains, American propaganda seems a bit brain-dead: it is sedative, somniferous, somnolent and stupefying (that's a poetic device called alliteration, by the way). Just look at these silly headlines (slightly edited for effect):

• "Evil Russian dictator poisons leading Russian opposition candidate with chemical weapon"

• "Evil Russian dictator arrests leading Russian opposition candidate"

• "Millions of Russians protest against arrest of leading Russian opposition candidate"

• "Americans ready to impose more sanctions on Russia for the poisoning and arrest of leading Russian opposition candidate to stop a German-Russian consortium from completing an economically necessary natural gas pipeline to Germany" (Oops! One of these things is not like the others!)

Please allow me to explain to you why this American propaganda onslaught is having the opposite of its intended effect.
After Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu visited Myanma, it took General Min Aung Hlaing just 10 days to put his house in order and take over, undoing the result of a fraudulent election in accordance with the constitution. I hope that Shoigu visits the US some day.
The Great Reset as a Suicide Pact

The recent virtual meeting of the world's richest at Davos made quite a bit of noise. In the run-up to it the perennial fluffer of plutocratic egos Klaus Schwab published a very short book about what he's been calling The Great Reset. It has given rise to catchy slogans such as "You’ll own nothing... and you’ll be happy about it." One of the people invited to speak at this meeting was Vladimir Putin. What he said put people in a state of shock. "But what about Europe?!" Schwab cried out plaintively as soon as Putin finished speaking. "Mr. Putin, will Russia save Europe?!" "Possibly," said Putin. Of the assembled worthies, 80 immediately signed up for a closed conference with Putin to find out how to get in on that. After taking all of this in and letting it simmer in my brain-pan for a couple of weeks, I believe I now understand what the Great Reset is: it is an oligarchic suicide pact. Please allow me to explain...

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Are the Russians beginning to suspect something?

What follows is my translation of an article from the site The opinions expressed in it are its authors, not mine. I am publishing it for my subscribers only. Given the public mood in the US, the voicing of such views is unlikely to be widely welcomed. Still, I think it might be interesting for you to know what the situation in the US looks like from the outside.

The ongoing introduction of troops into Washington may not be an echo of the supposed threat of an uprising by Trump supporters (which was really a provocation by the Deep State) but a sign that martial law is about to be imposed in the US. An excuse for doing so may be provided by one of many events, such as an assassination attempt on the barely functioning Joe Biden and the passing of the presidency to Kamala Harris, a kamikaze aircraft attack on important public buildings along the lines of 11 September 2001, the initiation of a conflict with China or North Korea, etc.

What has been happening in the US capital over the past few weeks, starting with the preparations for Biden's inauguration, does not fit into the usual logic of things. Add to it the complete preparedness of the US mass media complex and the digital corporate giants to introduce total censorship and to cast out all those who may be considered unreliable, the availability of FEMA camps designed to house a few million people, and you will be able to form a complete image.

The temporary fence around the Capitol being replaced with a heavily fortified, permanent one is a signal that those in power do not plan to ever surrender it through any possible democratic procedure. That is not part of the plan according to which they broke every possible rule and law in order to stage an electoral farce and install a senile puppet as supreme leader.

The US is no longer any sort of world leader. There is the rapidly rising China, there is Russia with its sovereignty largely restored, and there is the progressively fracturing Europe. There is the gigantic US debt which will obviously never be repaid. To hide the fact that "the king is naked" the Deep State can resort to measures most extraordinary.

A country cannot live for long pretending that it is normal for its capital to persist as a military encampment behind barbed wire and tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the zone. Moreover, Trump and those who stood behind him have not come to terms with the takeover that has taken place. Something has to give.

The Deep State, which in the fall of last year destroyed the electoral system and falsified the final elections of the US president, didn't do so in order to just let Sleepy Joe sit in his mask signing dozens of executive orders every week (which, by the way, haven't been made public in the usual manner). And the US as a whole cannot go back to living its previous quiet life. The fissures within the country are too deep, and this has become obvious to everyone—even to the Americans themselves. There is some action being prepared, and we should also be ready for it.
Why Trump was bound to fail
American society is at this point so polarized that the vast majority cannot see a thing—any thing—for itself. They can only see each thing from the right or from the left, and so all they can see is what it looks like from the right or the left, not what it actually is, because to see that they would have to soar above it—above politics, that is. But if I were to tell you that I can soar above politics and give you an eagle's eye view of Donald Trump's presidency, you would be quite reasonably suspicious of my own political biases, whether conscious or not. To get around this problem, what I will present is a view of Donald Trump's presidency from the vantage point of one of America's enemies—of those that America has publicly singled out as its enemies—namely, Russia. Russian analysts—the ones I particularly respect, being a very choosy connoisseur of Russian analysts—tend to see Trump as a useful idiot. They are somewhat disappointed that Trump turned out to be insufficiently useful and a bit too much of an idiot.

This is interesting but not too important; Trump's presidency is over, Trump's (second!) impeachment trial is over, and waiting for the outcome of future criminal cases alleging that Trump led an insurrection is like waiting for the cat to catch the last mouse. But Trump's movement, his followers and supporters, have not gone anywhere, and given the non-negligible likelihood that the Biden administration will turn out to be a much larger disaster than Trump's was, we may yet live to see a Trump 2.0 and a Trump 3.0 and so on, none of which, according to my favorite Russian analysis, will work any better for a whole set of well understood reasons. Do you want to know what they are? Well, then, read on!
Robo-Granddad 3000 just teleprompted the following:

Putin seeks to weaken European — the European project and our NATO Alliance. He wants to undermine the transatlantic unity and our resolve, because it’s so much easier for the Kremlin to bully and threaten individual states than it is to negotiate with a strong and closely united transatlantic community.

Well, what can we say to that?

1. The European project and transatlantic unity are falling apart on their own due to their growing internal contradictions. Putin gets what Putin wants without having to lift a finger. Except that that's not what he wants. He wants to be able to strike deals with Europe as a whole, to save time and effort.

2. The EU is an unreliable partners. Sergei Lavrov, Russia's FM, recently said just that, looking straight into the camera. The "transatlantic community" is what, NATO? If NATO wants to negotiate with Russia, it first needs to fulfill its promise and pull back to Warsaw Pact's borders.

3. Individual nations are welcome to come to Russia and negotiate if they need Russian vaccines, natural gas, rocket engines, food, weapons systems or humanitarian aid. First come—first serve basis, while supplies last.

It looks like Biden really wants to sit down and negotiate with Putin on behalf of the US and Europe. Is that going to happen? I don't think so!

In the immortal words of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger:

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need
Munich speechmakers past and present. Watch the hands!
The "American exceptionalists" in Washington are not amenable to reason and don't follow the usual 5 stages of grief when deprived of their global hegemony. Instead, they go through something like the following:
1. Incomprehension: How can they not do as we dictate?
2. Irritation: How dare they not do as we dictate?
3. Outrage: It is unacceptable for them not to do as we dictate!
4. Blind fury: They are murderers and criminals for not doing as we dictate!
5. Despair: What has become of our world if they don't do as we dictate?
Biden&Co. are at stage 4: Based on unsubstantiated allegations, "Putin is a killer." The goal is to gently guide them into despair without them striking out in blind fury.
Google is getting ready to kill Blogger (a.k.a. Blogspot) on September 1. I have moved all the content I've published on it since 2006 to Please bookmark it; that's where my new blog posts will first appear.
DPRK is ready for the Empire's bioterrorist attack.
В Северной Кореи провели ночной военный парад в честь празднования 73-й годовщины страны.
Forwarded from Субботин

– Геноцид? Это смешно, – ухмыляясь и тряся головой, бормотал немецкий канцлер.

Однако, его не слушали. В бетонированном бункере за круглым столом велась тайная и ожесточённая дискуссия по вопросу введения санкций против России. Каждый западный чиновник выдумывал всё новые и новые наказания для страны, посмевшей заявить о своём суверенитете.

– Россию надо отменить! – кричала американка с тупыми коровьими глазами. – Запретить её на нашей планете! Другого выхода нет!
– Да, да! – вторил ей белобрысый поляк, тайком думающий про себя о дырке в своём ботинке, и что ему необходимо получить новый кредит.
– Надо наказать Россию за наглость, – продолжала американка. – Закрыть наши магазины, запретить наши товары, отключить их от наших сетей.
– Поставить на колени! – крикнула кривозубая представительница Великобритании.
– Франция объявит России экономическую войну! – взвился петухом французский министр, но сам испугался своего заявления и задрожал.
– Геноцид? Нет, ну это же смешно, правда? Смешно! – продолжал твердить немецкий канцлер.
– Отлучим русских от спорта! – добавила американка.
– А на каком основании? – осведомился итальянец, недавно привитый русской вакциной.
– На основании, что они русские! – разозлилась американка на глупого коллегу.
– А, это подходит! – согласился тот.
– Этого мало, – продолжала кривозубая британка. – Должна быть коллективная ответственность. Из спорта надо выгнать их инвалидов, пусть и они ответят!
– Из культуры тоже прогнать! – закричал канадец в разноцветных клоунских носках. – Наказать за Чайковского, Чехова… Кто у них ещё?
– Можно сжигать книги! – предложил подвыпивший чех.
– Надо начать травлю русских по всему цивилизованному миру! – предложил австралиец.
– И их кошек! – брякнул улыбающийся голландец.
– Почему кошек? – удивились все.
– А они не русские разве? – удивился в ответ тот.
– Геноцид – это так смешно! – кричал немецкий канцлер.
– Надо их обзывать, – продолжала американка, – навязать чувство вины, унижать, захватывать собственность, не поставлять им лекарства. Дотянуться до их детей и отказывать им в лечении! Запретить им наши деньги! В грязной России не должно быть наших банкнот! Разжигать дискриминацию русских студентов! Вы записывайте, не сидите!

Чиновники бросились записывать со звериным упоением. Их глаза налились кровью, и они скребли белые листы с такой ненавистью, словно в руках у них были не ручки, а ножи потрошителей.

– Геноцид – это смешно! – вдруг взвыл в истерике канцлер.

В припадке злобы западные бюрократы уж было хотели вскочить со своих мест и вскинуть руку в приветствии. Уже на лацканах их пиджаков с треском стали прорываться две острых молнии, а на рукавах кровавым пятном проявляться очертания алой повязки… Как вдруг в дверь вежливо постучали.

– Прошу прощения, вы закончили? – в открывшийся проём просунулась голова в тактическом шлеме и маске. Следом появился и сам человек в пиксельной форме цвета хаки.

Он несколько удивлённо посмотрел на остолбеневших в немом молчании чиновников, затем его взгляд упал на стол, где лежали бумаги, исписанные эпилептическим почерком.

– А, – с облегчением сказал вежливый человек. – Всё-таки подготовили? Превосходно! Не беспокойтесь! Я сам всё соберу, и мы с вашими предложениями ознакомимся.
– Не утруждайтесь, я всё сделаю сам, – ответил военнослужащий одному из чиновников, который трясущейся рукой подавал ему свой лист.
– Но ещё рано! – вдруг огрызнулся прибалтийский бюрократ, который всегда и везде опаздывал.
– Прошу прощения, но времени нет, – ответил солдат. – Пришла пора защитить русских!
– Но постойте, так нельзя, – вдруг на ломаном русском заговорил один из чиновников. – Вы разве не видите, что весь мир против вас!
– Если весь мир против нас, то нам достаточно, что за нас всего лишь одна правда, – ответил военный, а затем, постояв и подумав, достал два предмета, положил их на стол и вышел.

На столе остались лежать пистолет и дешёвая прозрачная зажигалка, в которой на донышке плескались остатки газа. Чиновники хищно переглянулись и с визгом отчаянья бросились на предметы. В этот миг в бункере потух свет.