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A decentralized blockchain-based platform that aims to democratize film production and distribution by supporting independent film creators financially.
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CineFi is coming soon to decentralize the film ecosystem. Stay tuned for the features and announcements that will change the traditional film ecosystem.
You can join our project by filling out the form on our website ( by clicking on the "Join Us" button and help us to make impactful changes while decentralizing the film industry."
#CINE token will decentralize film industry and enable film creators to find fundings for their movie ideas through crowdfunding.
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CineFi will host regular and continuous film festivals. Continuous film festivals will allow curators to prepare their own festival content and schedules. These festivals will then be showcased on CineFi. Regular film festivals will be organized by CineFi and these will be held in every quarter and movies that are selected carefully by the validators will be present in these festivals. Audience members will be able to watch these festivals with their tokens and they will also have their votes on the best movie, best actor, best director or any other awards that will need the vote of the audience. The audience will then receive rewards if the movie/actor/director of their choice wins the award.
Thanks to CineFi Network, each community member will be able to communicate with different roles such as directors, script writers curators, translators, audience in film ecosystem to start shooting a masterpiece. CineFi Network Members or token holders will start seeing the benefits of their involvement immediately as they will have votes on various decisions over a movie.

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CineFi Tv is an exhibition platform for all movies that are financed through CineFi launchpad and content that is acquired. In this platform, the audience will be able to purchase movies/TV series with CINE Token. Our reliable validators will validate all films.
CineFi provides the opportunity for creators to sell scenes of movies by tokenizing them. Community members will be able to transform the scene/movie they interested to a unique digital certificate through NFTs. This will enable creators to maximize the revenue. NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded in perpetuity.
Thanks to CineFi launchpad, investors will be able to own NFTs of movies. These NFTs enable investors/creators to have the film's intellectual property(IP) rights so that CineFi will provide lifelong earnings for NFT holders. Thanks to IP rights, movie revenues are shared fairly among the contributors.
CineFi platform will enable creators to embed a code sequence in their art piece to uniquely identifies its originator and authorized user. This way, creators prevent imitation of their work.
CineFi will ensure that each community member benefits from various incentives, including awards, bounties, airdrops. Also, there will be token burns equal to some percentage of revenue generated from ads displayed at the beginning and middle of the movies.
CINE token holders have the right to community votings. Besides community votes, token holders can also vote on movies during festival times to decide on the winner.