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The Unicorn is actually the Rino - Indian rhinoceros

Scientists are retarded

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The arm movement forms a start just like the one on the baphomet

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Forwarded from Patriots Rising (Jeremy Patriots Rising)
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Forwarded from 98C
This was the post regarding the stock market crash that Phil posted almost 2 years ago:
systems are about to suffer a huge outage in Europe and the United States. There are already talks of a liquidity and credit crisis happening in inner circles. This is big.

Saturday- Banks and online payment systems will suffer an outage in Europe and the United States spreading worldwide. Talks of a Liquidity and credit crisis happening will spread rapidly.

Sunday- Customers will try to get money from banks but will be turned away. Talks of bank runs on twitter and facebook will be promptly banned. Late-Sunday night Euro-zone banks will suffer a liquidity issue and fail critical margin
Forwarded from 98C
Monday 26th- Liquidity crisis contagion will spread to the United States. Financial instruments much like those used by Archegos will blow up across the entire financial sector. Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are rumoured to be insolvent along with others. The Super Rich will attempt to pull their money out of the banks only to be denied. Stock market will drop 20% and is closed for the day. Tether and other stable coins will fail causing crypto currencies to crash as they become illiquid. Short-Mid term is that crypto currencies will become worthless.

Tuesday- Eurozone total melt down. Bank deposits are bailed and most people will lose all their money. Social protests erupt. U.S. stock market will drop another 20% before being halted for the day again. Hedge funds will collapse and banks are stuck with meme stock shorts which will be revealed to be in the trillions. Banks fail critical margin levels and the DTCC will be forced to cover the shorts. DTCC insurance policy will fail as the insurers never had money to begin with and the Federal Reserve is stuck with the bag.
Forwarded from 98C
Wednesday- Stock market will drop another 20% before getting stopped. Subprime finally hits and housing prices crash by 50% and more. Meme stock, silver, gold, commodity trading is frozen and halted but this will only make the problem worse. Dollar insolvency is all over international news, while silver and gold skyrocket. U.S bonds will be dumped sending interest rates into the stratosphere. Mainstream media will now blare the Great Depression 2.0 and the collapse is here.

Thursday- U.S. government will begin to collapse and pressure on the current Admin to resign. Stock market will drop even more for a total of 85-96% since the crash on Monday. Grocery stores will now be empty as supply chains completely break down. Rumours of a coup against the U.S. government will begin to pick up on social media and gain public approval. Massive protests against the government, wallstreet, and the banks will erupt. Police will be deployed and attempt to brutally suppress the protests but they will be unsuccessful.
Forwarded from The General
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BREAKING: Thomas Matthew Crooks' parents called law enforcement *before* the rally, telling them that their son was missing and they were "worried."