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Hello and welcome!

This channel was created to help you gain mastery of O Level Chemistry.

My goal is to help students who have been doing everything they can, but are still stuck.

I will do my best to help make Chemistry easy for you!

=) Jeremy
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Sec 4 Pure Chem Practice (MCQs)

For the pure chem students, here are 2 schools MCQs that I have recorded videos solutions for.

Do time yourself, 1 hour per set.
After completion, do check your answers with the answer key on the back.

For questions you didnt get correct, please watch the video solutions in the youtube playlist! =)
Sec 4 Pure Chem MCQ practice
For my sec 3s... please give me some time to gather some resources for you k!
will send it out sometime this week, so stay tuned! =)
For my sec 4s...

If you need help with Qualitative Analysis...

Please watch these 4 videos.

Qualitative Analysis:

It's more for combined chem students...

But if you're doing pure chem, and QA is bad for you too... I'm sure it will help!

Keep moving forward k.
I'm here with you!
For my sec 4s... again!

An overview of Alkanes (combined chem) in under 7 min...

If you need a quick overview, summarising the MOST IMPORTANT points for alkanes...
- drawing
- naming
- reactions

This video will help.

Happy revising! =)
Hello everyone!

I'm planning to do a couple of workshops this June, to give back to the community! So that they can be impactful to you, do let me know which topics you need help with? Thanks! Current students please do not fill this in k. =)
Anonymous Poll
Separation techniques
Atomic Struct & Chemical bonding
Acids and bases
Salt prep
Qualitative Analysis
Periodic table
Please pick only 3 k!
Looks like the majority has spoken! Ok. I will run an electrolysis workshop covering the basics.

If you cannot...
- identify which ions are preferentially discharged
- write half ionic equations
- do basic mole calculation for electrolysis..

this will be suitable for you!

date: 4th June 2022.
Time: 130 to 230pm

If you're a current student and you cannot attend, this will be recorded.
If you're a current student, you should be making arrangements to consult me if youre still unclear on this!!

Zoom details will be mailed out soon!
Save the date,
See you!

for those of you who scored C6 and below, and need someone to help you relearn Sec 3 topics.

I am running a series of workshops this June.

I will cover the basics + O level standard questions.

If you scored A or B, these are not for you.
Do drop me a comment or a whatsapp if you have more questions k.
[Free to attend] Register for the upcoming Electrolysis workshop tmr at 130pm!


As mentioned a few days ago, I will be running an electrolysis workshop tomorrow at 130pm.
Please click on the link below to register!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

I will be covering some basic revision + questions.

Will this be useful for me?

I had a JC2 student (i have no idea who he is) who came up to me earlier this year to share how my electrolysis content helped him gain clarity and answer the O Level question...

So you decide if its useful for you k! =)

Look forward to seeing you!

I'm so glad many of you found the workshop useful! 🙂

Here are a few key takeaways!
1. Remember to use the 3Es when answering electrolysis questions.

2. Remember that for reactive electrodes.. its only the anode that reacts! (Reactive cathodes will NOT react!)

3. Remember to make electrons same before you compare half ionic equations.

Glad to have you today... see you again in July! =)
Registration closes midnight!

This is Jeremy from The Classroom.

Just wanted to let you know that I am running a pure chemistry workshop next week!

This is strictly for students who scored C and below for the most recent MYE.

(if your child scored above C, they will be admitted on a case by case basis)

It will run from 14th to 17th June, from 2pm to 430pm.
14th: Atomic structure & Chem bonding
15th: Acids and bases
16th: QA
17th: Salt prep

- Re-teaching of the topics
- O Level standard questions (easier) to build mastery

More details here:

If you're not sure if this is suitable, do drop me a note! =)

Some days only have 1 or 2 seats left, so do drop me a message at 86120234 if you're keen to find out more!
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