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Updates and news about Chaturfier, the notification service for Chaturbate.
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Version 4.3 of Chaturfier upgrades many list features and introduces "unlimited" lists! The previous limit of 36 cams per list was too restrictive for many and this has now been fixed. Read more about these and other changes in the blog post:
Chaturfier 4.2 has just been released. Besides a major systems update (which brought the website down, temporary), this release includes several optimisations to lists. Read more on the blog:
Of course I meant Chaturfier version 4.13 🤣 unlucky number, I guess...
Chaturfier 4.20 adds donation subscriptions, to make it easier to keep your upgraded account valid and not to have to fix this manually every month. During deployment of this release some things went wrong and the database got corrupted. Some facets of the website are currently not working correctly. Still busy fixing... Check out the blog post to keep posted of progress: