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Web Feed for Platform, Shows recent codeforces platform actions and check your friends list status and submissions.
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🔥 [New Updates] Codeforces Green Dot 🔥

[Updates Done]
- move from free hosting to paid hosting
- some front-end updates added
- some back-end bugs fixed
- some optimization and refactoring


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[TODO soon]
- update chrome extension
- fix android app
- add more features

app on social media: @CfGreenDot
meet the developer: @AreYouKhaled

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Hello Guys 👋

🔥 New Updates 🔥

>> web domain has changed ".com" instead of ".cf"

>> new chrome extension version released:
- you can now register from extension itself.
- some performance improvements added.

If you still have the old CfGreenDot extension version then remove and reinstall it again from here:

Have a nice day!