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A Lobby for before temporarily joining private group for support queries
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Welcome All!

This is Cardano Community Tech Support Lobby, run by Cardano Ambassadors and community members. This chatroom is limited to READ ONLY. When you have a query, please type /verify against @Charlie_Cardano_bot to get access to the tech support group. We understand this is an inconvenience but it is a change we had to add to protect users from impersonators messaging users from our chat groups.

Switching to a separate private channel will help us answer your queries more efficiently, and without having to worry about scammers targeting you. Once the query is resolved, return back to this lobby.

Here's some other useful information for basics about Cardano.

For Cardano wallets visit here.

Go here to: restore a wallet, claim (ITN) rewards or create a new wallet using the Yoroi Wallet browser app.

To learn more about rewards visit this page.

Want to know how to select a pool for delegation? Go here.

For Cardano Blockchain explorers, check here.

Beware!! *NO* admin or official will ever DM you, if you receive a DM, assume it's a scammer - no matter who it "appears" to be. Visit our Safety Guidelines here.

If the above information doesn't answer any of your queries, please visit the tech support group as mentioned at start of this message.