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Congratulations! 🥳 Cardano has counted 3 years since its launch on September 29th, 2017. What an interesting ride it's been thus far!
As such, we are celebrating Cardano’s 3rd #ADAversary for one month!

Join the #ADAversary3 celebrations, by sharing photos, videos, stories, & more of how you are celebrating - remember to use the #ADAversary3 hashtag.

Read more on participating.
Hello Cardano Community!

If you’re interested in becoming an early tester for Plutus and Marlowe, get in touch by filling in the respective forms.

MARLOWE - You can either test the Marlowe Playground Alpha or if you’re a subject matter expert in Finance, support the creation of a financial DSL!

PLUTUS - You can either test the Plutus Playground or test custom tokens on the testnet:
Here's a few super exciting updates for #Cardano!

1) Watch IOHK's monthly Cardano update show to hear more from Chares Hoskinson & Ben Goertzel, about today's exciting SingularityNet collaboration announcement, migrating onto Cardano, and much more!

2) Separately, here's Charles Hoskinson's interviewing Ben Goertzel on what excites him for Cardano:

3) IOHK is also thrilled to announce that they are collaborating with the United Nations (UN) for its 75th year anniversary! Project Catalyst will be used to vote on proposals which meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Join the blockchain for social good challenge: (requires a sign-up!)
The full uncut conversation between Charles Hoskinson and Ben Goertzel!

SingularityNET Foundation and leading blockchain research and development company IOHK, have today announced that they are planning to port a significant portion of the SingularityNET decentralized protocol and platform from Ethereum to Cardano.

This would involve providing mechanisms for swapping some of the current (Ethereum-based) ERC-20 AGI tokens to Cardano-based AGI tokens, and also creating analogues of the Solidity smart contracts underlying aspects of the SingularityNET platform using Cardano’s new Plutus smart contract language.

IOHK and SingularityNET, CEOs Charles Hoskinson and Ben Goertzel sit down here for a wide-ranging discussion of the future of technology. The conversation at the University of Wyoming Blockchain Stampede touches on the intersection of decentralization and artificial intelligence. SingularityNET is working with Cardano on the shared goal of pushing power to the edges of the world through the application of next-generation technology.
OUT NOW: Fresh today, IOHK releases NEW Daedalus 2.3.0 delivers much-requested automatic updates, removing the need for manual #Daedalus installers in the future. Download today ONLY from the official site:
Cardano Announcements pinned «World computers are impacting Climate Change but that doesn't mean blockchain can't reduce its environmental impact. Learn how Proof of Stake is designed for scalability and Cardano 's vision for a greener Blockchain Protocol.…»
ICYMI from IOHK: SingularityNET is collaborating with IOHK to migrate a significant amount of its network to #Cardano. What are the benefits & rationale behind this decision & what does the future hold for decentralization & artificial intelligence?

Watch the full version:
Helpful information from IOHK for Cardano SPOs!

"Attention all #Cardano Stake Pool Operators! We are replacing LiveView with something even better. A brand new web-based GUI tool, available to download from today, RTView adds more options and data for real-time monitoring of your node(s) Cardano 1/3"

Read the full thread on Twitter from here:
🔈Listen to the Cardano Foundation's new CEO, Frederik Gregaard on "thecryptovalley" latest podcast!

The interview, available to listen to below, is one of Frederik’s first public addresses as CEO of the Foundation, and we hope you are interested to listen to his perspectives on the wider blockchain industry, learn more about his motivations and passions, and explore where he will steer the Cardano Foundation and the Cardano blockchain now and into the future.

Read and watch the full blog and (30mins) video here:
ICYMI: In IOHK's latest Deep Dive technical blog post, Simon Thompson (@thompson_si on Twitter) talks Marlowe and the details of this domain-specific language. Learn more about the ways of writing Marlowe financial contracts as we move into the DeFi era.

Read more here ⤵️
Good news! New Yoroi Mobile version released 📢📢

Yoroi Mobile 3.3.0 for iOS and Android is out and includes new features:

- 24-word Shelley wallet support
- Reward withdrawal support
- Send all feature
+ more
Download Yoroi Wallet!
Welcome to the 23rd journal of our “Ambassador Stories” series: Pritesh & Yuta, Content Creator and Moderator!

I'ts been a while, but here are some new stories from our recently joined ambassadors! 🤩

You’ll be able to enjoy the various, unique stories of our Cardano Community Ambassadors: what motivated, and still motivates them, to be part of this amazing and wonderful community?

The Cardano Community Team would also like to thank the Ambassadors for all their continued efforts and participation in sharing their stories with us! 💪

Please do hit that like button, share and give them a warm welcome!
Next Week IOHK will hold another Cardano monthly show October edition!

Join them on Thursday, 29th for the latest episode of our regular monthly show. We'll look at what our developer & product teams have been working on and all the latest update!

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