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We offer free applications of blockchain, with which trust can be created and useful projects can be built in the campus world itself.
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Hello to @everyone ‼️

We have reopened our main channels for the users who want to join us on the new path of our development on the XRP Ledger.
We publicly closed the CampusCash project on September 20, 2021 and all old specifications when we saw no chance to fix the issues with integrity and safety for all participants, with the old code base and wallet development.
This is the reason why we are rebuilding from scratch on an absolutely trustworthy and bug-free codebase on the XRPL.
We are happy and full of gratitude to have a well known and reliable developer back on our side for this.

For current basic information please check our Discord #announcements📢 and information channels #xrpl-tools-and-docs
More info will follow in a timely and absolutely transparent manner. Thanks a lot! 💯✌️