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We offer free applications of blockchain, with which trust can be created and useful projects can be built in the campus world itself.
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@everyone Well I absolutely understand your point of view. However, the stock exchanges will soon delist us.
Since we have not been able to guarantee stability for months.
A single chain split is sufficient to terminate the exchange contract.
Unfortunately, we have already suffered 3 public chain splits in the last few weeks.

Furthermore, it is absolutely harmful if a developer secretly sells the non-public CCash app code and our CCash ideas.
Although these ideas are owned by CCash, although several developers and supporters have been working on them for 8 months, although the app code has never been public, although Michal has already been paid several times for it.

We need to protect users from further harm from these actions.
And I can't take any further risks after 18 months of massive project funding. Thanks very much
Solo mining is currently working again. I'll test pool mining later. I just want to make sure that our users in these many chain splits can withdraw their coins.
However, the stability of the chain is in the hands of the deployed applications by the developers. Thanks very much!
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Hello @everyone to this day there has been no request for a possible project handover / takeover.
We are therefore sticking to our current announcement. Thank you very much and good luck!
Hello, I came here from CampusCoin to set up a joint CampusCash project. I'm not profit-oriented and like many of our supporters, I've given thousands of hours of professional work here. CCash has always been a community project that I have supported with tens of thousands of euros.
This makes it difficult for me to understand how individual, already paid developers then sell our ideas and the collaborative work and shared know-how.
However, this does not have to be the end of the project.
A complete handover is still possible.
Serious inquiries are always possible via DM.
Thanks very much! ✌️
Please note our important #CampusCash announcement 📢 regarding the shutdown of the project. Thank you for your understanding. @everyone
‼️ The CampusCash channels are currently only for information purposes. Please read our last announcement.
Thanks very much!
CampusCash pinned «‼️ The CampusCash channels are currently only for information purposes. Please read our last announcement. Thanks very much! ‼️»
@everyone We are still in contact with the CCash exchanges VinDax and DexTrade.
Unfortunately, it is again not possible for the supporters of the CCash Explorer, as well as Vindax and DexTrade, to establish connections with the CCash version provided by @SaltineChips.
We very much regret this and the CCash team is still looking for solutions for you. Thanks very much!
@everyone Please note our current CampusCash project status. Thank you for your time! ✌️
CampusCash pinned «We continue to strive for new, trustworthy opportunities. #XRPL Our #CCash #Trustline is set. @XUMMWALLET Many thanks guys ❤️✌️❤️ @everyone»