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Forwarded from rumIN
A WOKE law firm, specializing in representing organizations that are enforcing mask and vaccine mandates. Likely a recipient of our tax dollars for pushing the narrative. Have your say by leaving them a Google review.

📌 Hit them where it hurts 👊🏽 They don't care about anything or anyone but their bottom line and are doing so at the expense of our freedom 🇨🇦 Please share!
Forwarded from rumIN
My review

Do yourself a favour and stay away! This a ideologically based lawfirm that serves their ideologies first and human rights second. If your human rights were violated, they will only serve those cases that align with their views / bias / ideologies.

If your going to pay somebody to represent you, find a lawfirm that serves and prioritizes your HUMAN RIGHTS and not their ideologies
Media is too big
This guy got fired today for refusing to wear a mask.
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Greta Thunberg is fair game for mockery…