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Forwarded from Satyarth
Almost there. Testing.
Forwarded from Satyarth
Residents of US will not be able to sign up on Epay due to a recent compliance requirement. They are working on it. USD deposits remain open for users from other countries.
Forwarded from Satyarth
US does not even feature in their list of restricted countries.
Forwarded from COSS - Announcements (Satyarth)
You can now trade on COSS #crypto exchange by creating your own strategies, shadowing others, and much more - all with a cool strategy backtesting feature before you put it to work.

Download v2.0.0 on -

More about Gimmer Bot -
You can tweak the bot according to your trading strategy, test it before using real money, make it available for shadowing

Right @satyarth ?
Forwarded from Satyarth
Forwarded from Satyarth
You can even rent your strategy to others.
Also.... If we need to hold glimmer to use the bot.... Shouldn't it be listed 👀👏?
Forwarded from Gareth
how long do you need to hold the gimmer for? does it get used up if you run a strat, or do you just get X amount and keep it and you can run the strat for as long as you want?
Forwarded from Satyarth
Just hold and run. It does not get consumed.
Forwarded from AhmQaz1
🔥 to the moon 🚀
216k subscribers on Twitter
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Get on your Twitter’s guys and like and retweet that shit 💪
Forwarded from Satyarth
Yes. NEM team is really great. I have worked with them before.
Forwarded from Togo
Wow in which capacity?
Forwarded from Satyarth
Partnership. :)
Forwarded from Satyarth
Know most of their team.
Forwarded from San
We are delivering and we continue to deliver. That is most important. We have a 10 year plan, not here for 4 months. I believe that should suffice. I canot and should not explain finances to you. Please understand.
Forwarded from San
Everythign is being promoted properly as much as we can. I am not sure how siginificant Access is in terms of getting us new users. There are many other things going on as y9uo have seen