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COINsolidation addresses - A unique private key for all your addresses.
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Hi, everyone. Thanks for being in this proyect and on our channel....we started.

Welcome to COINsolidation.
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oneCKey - one Consolidated private key.
A single private key for all your addresses.
CUA - Consolidated Universal Address
We call the second algorithm CUA (Consolidated Universal Address). We create merged addresses to send pairs of addresses as a single address.
ICO Sale distribution...
COINsolidation eXtensions are modules (graphic blocks) to create programs in android without the need for programming knowledge in a visual way create your programs, simple, easy, free and in minutes ...
PEX (Personal Exchange eXtension) was created with Google Blockly, it is a visual programming language (Open Source with Apache License 2.0) composed of a set of instructions that we can combine as if they were the pieces of a puzzle. So in this way we can create simple or complex programs. The main advantage that block programming languages offer is that they allow beginning programmers to concentrate on the logic of programming by abstracting from the grammar of the language itself.
Manuals in different languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Netherlands and German).
Extension for Ethereum.
Blockly AppInventor Tutorials MIT online (free) only create your account…