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On May 27, 2018, Huobi held a blockchain summit in Taiwan. Many high-profile figures participated in this event on that day. CEO of Cell Intelligence Technology, Dato Sri Ken Ng, was invited to participate in the conference as a representative of companies with solid fundamental blockchain technology. Meanwhile, renowned entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei were also invited to the event. The picture taken includes Dato Sri Ken Ng, Wang Xiaofei and David Hu, Senior Executive of Huobi, from left to right respectively are David Hu, Wang Xiaofei and Dato Sri Ken Ng.

標題: 細胞智能科技參與火幣第一屆在台灣區塊鏈高峰會

2018年5月27日火幣在台舉辦區塊鏈高峰會, 當日有許多相當重量級人士參與此盛會。細胞智能總裁拿督斯里 Ken Ng 以擁有扎實區塊鏈底層技術之企業代表獲邀與會, 同時受邀出席的有知名企業家汪小菲。圖為拿督斯里Ken Ng 與汪小菲及火幣高管 David 的合照, 由左至右分別為 David, 汪小菲, Dato Sri Ken Ng。
The OLDEST tree in the world Bristlecone pine
OLDEST buildings Pyramids of Giza, about 4,600 years
Plant and tree knows how to live LONG
The OLDEST tree in the world Bristlecone pine, 5,066 years old Famous OLDEST buildings Pyramids of Giza, about 4,600 years

Learn from cell intelligence
How does it bud and flower at the proper moment every year?
How does it maintain its metabolism?
How does it fight aging stress? How does it repair damaged tissues?

Plants know how to live VITALly
Mankind can not survive for a long time in the extreme situations

Learn from Cell Intelligence
How does it resist drought?
How does it flower in the snow?
How does it resist UV damage? How does it fight insect damage?
How does it against microbe infection?
CI 鏈已為全球加密貨幣市值19979億人民幣做好準備

截至2018年7月22日為止, 全球加密貨幣市值約為19979億人民幣。其中,在加密貨幣市場中佔比最多的是比特幣,佔比42.72%,市值約人民幣8534.97億元;其次是以太坊,市值約為人民幣3147億元,佔比15.75%;隨後是瑞波幣,市值約人民幣1201億元,佔比6.01%。對於 CI 鏈錢包而言將是值得興奮與期待的, CI鏈定位與其他主流貨幣不同, 若其他主流貨幣是河流, CI鏈定位就是海洋, 能夠兼容並蓄各主流貨幣讓用戶透過一個錢包即可有效管理, 大幅增加交易時效性與管理性。因此, 當其他主流貨幣市值越高, CI鏈的整合優勢與鏈的價值越能凸顯, 為加密數字貨幣的下一個成長動能作好萬全準備。
The CI chain is ready for the global cryptocurrency market capitalization of 2 trillion yuan

As of July 22, 2018, the global cryptocurrency market value was approximately 2 trillion yuan.
Among them, bitcoin has the highest share in the cryptocurrency market, accounting for 42.72%, and the market value was about 853.5 billion yuan. Second place is Ethereum, with a market value of about 314.7 billion yuan, accounting for 15.75%; followed by Ripple, The market value is about 120 billion, accounting for 6.01%. This is an exciting news that CI Chain wallet is looking forward to because the positioning of CI Chain is different from others mainstream cryptocurrency. If the mainstream cryptocurrency is like rivers, CI Chain is like the ocean because it is compatible with all major cryptocurrencies allowing you to store and mange various cryptocurrencies effectively through a wallet, it will also greatly increase the timeliness and management of transactions. Therefore, the higher the value of mainstream cryptocurrencies, the more prominent the value of CI Chain will rise due to its integration advantages. CI Chain will pave the way for the next big movement of cryptocurrency in the future.
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Effective but Rare Phytochemical
Paclitaxel phytochemical is effective for cancer treatment and it is extracted from hundred years old yew trees but its molecular formula is complex making it difficult for extraction. This substance is discovered by two American Phytochemists, it has very good anti-cancer activity, especially for certain malignant melanoma, ovarian cancer, leukemia and malignant sarcoma. Yew is hailed as the greatest plant of the 20th century due to its contribution to the treatment of cancer. In the past, two major pharmaceutical companies rushed to be the first to develop anti-cancer drugs through this phytochemical to win the patent battle so they looked through large-scale yew forests in Yunnan. From here we can see how valuable Paclitaxel is. Although paclitaxel is a famous anti-cancer ingredient, the global production is only 350 kilograms per year and more than 350,000 to 700,000 yews must be felled. Since only 0.5 to 1 gram of paclitaxel can be extracted from 1 to 2 yew trees, it is considered very little, rare, and non- environmentally friendly. However, through cell intelligent technology, there is no need to cut down a whole forest by obtaining the active ingredients of the plant, which not only plays a very important role in soil and water conservation and forest rehabilitation, but also ensures the uniformization and mass production of the active ingredient production. This truly open up another door to help humanity to fight against cancer and pro-long lives.
CI Chain, Innovative Token Economy, Leading Perfect Health Blockchain
The CI-chain's token economy has two main purposes. It is hoped that through the cross-chain technology, it provides "Hope Seed Universal Wallet” the liquidity and convenience for the mainstream cryptocurrencies. It is also hope to further enhance the interaction between each blockchain ecosystem which will increase its value. On the other hand, with the actual use and promotion of utility token, it can strengthen the development of CI- Chain on our Cell Intelligence Platform and lead the development trend of the big health industry. Thereby enabling the growth of demand and user.

One of the applications of blockchain is “Token” and it has many functions, such as "transaction medium" and "equity certificate". This gives us a great degree of freedom in the design of the "token economy model". Due to this diversity of the "token economy model" design in the blockchain world, it can be used to compare with the diversity of the "business model" in traditional business.

The CI-chain token issuance enables the creation of incentives and collaboration mechanisms for all participants: including investors, researchers, agents, consumers and etc. to innovative technologies and R&D products in cell intelligence platforms. It enables all participants to build trust, benefits sharing, and collaboration.
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