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Hibernation is OVER for this bear! ❄️Be ready for spring with this frosty polar bear, complete with metallic spandex claws, snowflake print bear paws, and fun tinsel accents!

We are currently looking at offers OVER $1600 to take this brand new partial home with you - offers are private, so please send your best and final offer before 3/18/2020! Features and sizing below, we have temporarily enabled Twitter DM's to help you to submit your offers, or you can email us at! Follow this Twitter thread for sizing and features:

Want to see if you qualify for a Square Installments payment plan? Go here:
ANNOUNCEMENT! Commissions will be opening June 1st! We'll be open for fullsuits, partials, and bodysuit-only orders. These will be placed in our Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec) batch. 6 month turnaround time! Get a quote any time!

As a reminder, we do not take orders for single pieces (just a head, paws, legs, etc.) Check out our FAQ to brush up on things like payment, process, artistic liberty, etc. Email us if you have a question that's not covered!
My, what strange and interesting plants! These villainous vegetables are FOR SALE up on TheDealersDen!
Commissions are opening June 1st! Be sure to get your quotes in before then, especially if it's been a while! Requotes are always okay!
Commission applications are OPEN! Head on over here to apply! The form will be active until 9pt PT 6/3.
Say hello to THE FLAMINGER! A flamingo/tiger gryphon partial! Designed by Dizziness with a gorgeous tail made by Pinku Shika Art, and all other pieces made by us! Details below, this partial is up for offers over $2800!

-Looking at offers over $2800 for the partial. Offers are private, so send your best and final offer to
-If accepted, offers must be paid upfront and in full; we are not accepting holds or payment plans for this costume
-Offers close Tuesday 8/18 9PM Pacific Time
-Must be over 18 to buy
-If we don't get any significant offers, the partial will be up for auction on The Dealers Den
-Head built on a heavily modified DVC underskull
-Beak made of Armor Foam
-Fully lined with moisture-wicking spandex
-3D following eyes
-Head fits size 21-25", can fit smaller but will be loose; can fit glasses on smaller heads
-Bird hands are one size fits most
-Wings are backpack-style with 18" elastic straps. Can stretch up to 35" inches.
-Tail is a floor dragger on polypropylene belt loops, created by Pinku Shika
-ChubChub badge of original design and flamingo lanyard by Dizziness
-Includes CFS care package

Be sure to familiarize yourself with our TOS and FAQ before making an offer! By placing an offer you are stating that you have read and agreed to our TOS.
Commissions will be open mid to late January of 2021! Be sure to get your quotes in before then! :)
Don't miss your chance on these super discount auctions! $600-$1000 off with just one week left!
We are out of office until the 16th! Quotes and emails will be on hold until then. You can still send them in, responses will just be delayed. Thanks!
Lots of people have said they come to us for crazy designs or unusual species, and it made us realize we've never done any simple, common huskies! So here you go, two perfectly normal dogs. Two p̵̛ê̵r̴̂ḟ̸e̵͒c̷̋t̴͛l̸͝y̷͒ ̶͆ǹ̵o̸̐ȓ̸m̸͂a̶̅l̶͊ ̷̅d̷̓o̶͂ǵ̷s̶̋. For sale on The Dealers Den! Sharing on Twitter helps us out a TON!

Sale link: