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Validator & Сryptocurrency Super App at Minter Network.

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​​Dear friends, over the last few months, we have been working hard to build a first-class team and lay the foundation for the development of Minter and Telegram Open Network solutions.

Today, we are proud to present the CAT coin. Embracing it as our tool for integration with the Minter blockchain, we will come one step closer towards having a full-fledged ecosystem of services.

In our soon-to-be-published inaugural press release, we will tell you more about the activities we are currently engaged in and products we are ready to announce.
Dear friends! Not so long ago, we created the CAT coin and today we would like to tell you more about what it is, for what and how it will be used.

More details can be found in the attached document.
🏅 Telegram Contest Winners

Last Friday, Telegram Contests announced the results of its Telegram Open Network smart contract contest.

We finished 3rd in MultiSig Wallets. It was our first experience of writing a full-fledged smart contract for TON from scratch, and we have learned a lot. We also plan to reach even greater heights in the contests to come.

According to our information, one of them is starting as soon as today. Aside from designing a smart contract, contestants will also be tasked with launching a test network validator. Stay tuned for updates about the contest and its results.
💸 The CAT wallet is on the way.

We are currently testing the alpha version of our wallet for Minter, which will be released for iOS and Android at the beginning of 2020.
🎄 Happy New Year!

Dear friends, the CAT team wishes you all a very happy new year! May 2020 bring you a tremendous amount of joy and excitement.

For those who have been with us throughout this past year, we have a special gift.
💌 On Valentine’s Day, we want to say “I love you!” to everyone who has been supporting us from day one!

And what’s the holiday without a little gift? That being said, meet Spicy, our mascot.

Very soon, he will become your guide around our websites and services, always ready to show the way—and never to leave you in trouble. Add this Spicy sticker pack and share it with your friends!
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Hello kitties! The latest news is that even cats can be infected with the new coronavirus, so we made an informed decision to stay home and invite you to do the same.

All these months, we’ve been working really hard on our application (which, of course, took a bit longer than expected . . .), and now we want to reveal some details about it for the first time.

Let’s start with the naming! We didn’t want to spend too much time making up something exotic, so enter CAT Wallet, ladies and gentlemen! It’s simple and concise, and we hoped you’d like it.

But CAT Wallet isn’t meant to be just an alternative to standard wallets. What we’re aiming for is the first cryptocurrency Super App.

We want it to be a one-stop shop for all of the best tools and services & give users an easy to use and understand interface for getting to each and every corner of the Minter blockchain.

Soon, you’ll learn about all the opportunities you’ll have once the app is out, what features to wait for in the updates to follow, and why it is CAT Wallet that will become your guiding star in the universe of modern digital coins.

Hit the gas!
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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see when you first open our app. Once inside, you’ll be able to delegate and unbond your coins. We did our best to make it as sleek and simple as possible, so we hope you’ll really enjoy it!

📱 Before you know it, we’ll start beta testing our application so that you can finally try out this and many other useful features with your own hands and paws.

’sup, kitties? Most of you probably already know that Telegram Open Network’s go-live date has been re-scheduled for 2021.

We’ve been involved in the trials since mid last year, and this news didn’t catch us off-guard. We’re 100% sure that TON will become a new standard among PoS blockchains and offer a wide range of opportunities to both developers and regular users. At this point, though, the platform still lacks some final touches.

The launch of a blockchain like TON is a super difficult task, and we treat such a job with great respect, ready to support Telegram team any way we can.

We are not halting our work, actively validating the test network and developing solutions atop it. As for these solutions, we’ll be more than happy to roll them out ahead the official release.

On our channel, you can always find critical updates on vital testing and development stages & all things launch.

Stay tuned!
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Today, we’re revealing some more details about the upcoming CAT Super App.

Each and every one of our development decisions stems from personal experience of Minter blockchain users. Without further ado, enter favorite addresses, a feature that sure has been long awaited!
You’ll no more have to waste your time looking for and copy-pasting that one address you need. Just add it to favorites and get ready to make transactions in one tap.

Besides favorite addresses, we also introduce a list of favorite coins, which will be shown on the main screen. It will allow you to hide dummy & spam coins and quickly access the ones you actually use.
Hello kitties! As you already know, we’re now in the final stage of developing our first app, so here’s a quick question.
Yesterday brought sad news for the crypto community in general and us in particular: Pavel Durov announced the shutdown of TON on his official channel.

At this stage unfortunately, it’s impossible to use Telegram Open Network’s code should anyone want to launch the blockchain independently. The core still needs improvements, smart contract language lacks documentation, and TON itself is nowhere near as valuable as it would’ve been with Telegram messenger’s audience. Speaking of Telegram, the firm is very unlikely to integrate blockchain tech into its products ever again.

We’ve channeled the resources freed up as a result towards developing our Super App and getting all set for Minter 2.0’s go-live. We’ll continue keeping you posted on everything related to our latest developments and upcoming releases.

We’d like to take this moment to thank Pavel and the entire Telegram team for striving for decentralization, fairness, and worldwide equality. We believe that we can succeed where others have failed.
🎉 The Minter blockchain turns one!

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at 3:05 p.m. UTC, the mainnet went live. Developers and community members joined hands and throughout this year, have built a full-fledged network that surpasses the market leaders substantially in terms of technology.

Today marks the point where Minter is stepping onto a brand new, long-awaited path: a listing on one of the world’s largest exchanges.

🌍 Support Minter by signing up right away: bithumb.pro
🍪 CAT Wallet Cashback

Yet another great news for everyone waiting for our app. We introduce a cashback offer that will bring the fee charged to our delegators all the way down to 1%. To enroll, you must actively redelegate our coin, which is CAT, using the CAT Wallet application.

The cashback system will be accumulative, meaning the longer you redelegate back to our node, the higher your rewards.