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We are a bio tech factory and we provide food grade lactase enzymes.

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Hello, we provide lactase in bulk
Welcome to my channel, if you need to buy lactase, please visit
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​​Lactase Enzyme For Sale (CAS Number: 9031-11-2)
Want to buy Lactase enzymes in bulk? is a wholesale supplier for enzymes at competitive prices. As a manufacturer, we offer a variety of enzyme products.

Lactase Characteristics
Another name: β-galactosidase
CAS Number: 9031-11-2
Appearance: White powder
Stability performance: Thermal stability–heat preservation at 60℃ for 30min, the relative enzyme activity is 60.2%. Optimum operation temperature: 50-55℃;
pH stability–maintain the relative activity of the enzyme above 90% between pH 4.5-5.5.
Optimum pH: 5.0
Hydrolyze the β-galactosidic linkages in lactose molecules to produce glucose and galactose.