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AMA with JoinTheDiamonds is live now!!
Join us to learn more about the project and the team!!
We are running a 0.3 bnb giveaway in the AMA!!

Join and ask your question about the project Fam!!
Live stream finished (1 hour)
Hey fam, we are now partnered with @bencatch and his group t.me/cryptoblank.
If projects and teams want to book promo or AMA on both of our channels at once, they will get a 20% discount on the total price.
Together we are stronger, very excited about this partnership!!

To celebrate that, we doing a 0.2 bnb giveaway!!

1️⃣Join: @cryptoblank
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Good potential stealth coming in today within the next 6 hours👀
Will share it here or on our gamble channel: @BullyMaguireGambles

Ratgrow is stealth launching in 15 minutes.
There was a small private sale of 30 bnb, private-sale investors are whales and influencers, they only get 40% of what they invested (if they bought 0.5 bnb, they only get 0.2 bnb on launch) and are not allowed to dump their whole bag.
Dev is safu and had some decent/good projects in past.
I like the name, combined with the "Rat" hype (RatBoy) and "Grow" hype + known big influencers are on board.
I'm Pretty bullish on this one, low starting mc and only 10% tax in and out, wait for a dip on launch if you are not a fast buyer fam.
Most likely a short-term project, if community gets behind it, maybe even mid-term.
0.1 bnb + 4 tier-1 and 4 tier-2 WL spots for our community

Presale details:
Platform=  Pinksale
Date=  September 20th - 6pm UTC
SC/HC=  50/100 BNB
Min/Max=  0.1/1 BNB
Initial mc=  TBA

🟢How to win🟢
1️⃣Join: t.me/animalcitybsc
2️⃣Say: @BullyMaguireCalls is here
3️⃣Comment "DONE" below
4️⃣React with "🔥" on this post
This post is no finanicial advice, always do your own research before investing your money in projects you see on this channel.
Hey fam, this is a partnership announcement with @RatGrowBSC.
We are also holding an AMA with them on our channel within the next 2 days.
The team is working hard and I already know them since a few months and I love em.
I already told you that I like the name, the community is really hyped and I'm supporting them in chat and VC since the launch yesterday.
Now I'm going to support them with a strategic partnership as well, I will also share this in my private influencer and whale groups, get them the marketing they want and need, the biggest influencers of this space already backing this project.
We launched at $6k mc, and reached an ATH of $130k, we are holding a great floor between 70-100k mc, and if possible the next partnership will follow not far away (this will be big af😁) , and trust me, that will change the whole project.
I'm supporting this project until we hit the moon or the dust, nothing is stopping us from success if the community gets fully behind it, big buy backs and buying competitions will follow after this partnership announcement, so get your bags ready.
Im very excited about this partnership, let's get it fam!!

Winners for the Animal City giveaway:



0.1 bnb=

The winners have 1 hour to claim their rewards, otherwise I will do a flash-giveaway!!

RatPot is stealth launching today at 7pm UTC.
There was a small private-sale of 60 bnb, and the private-sale investors starting at 60% down-price.
I love the dev here, he is a really hard working guy, there is a pretty cool jackpot utility behind the project which I like, many big influencers will support this one, Im sure this will be a good one for all if you time your entry, since it will be hyped and dev will give his best.
They also have a 0.5 bnb contest live currently!!

Not much to say, Omar did something very great here, the most hyped and organic built project of the year, this will huge, subscription-presale live soon, check it out Fam!!

2 WL spots for our community

Presale details:
Platform= Pinksale
Date= September 26th - 5pm UTC
SC/HC= 125/250 BNB
Min/Max= 0.1/1 BNB
Initial mc= TBA
Taxes %= 0/0

Picking winners in 1h

@TheFinanceManYT @CateDesigns

This one just stealth launched a few minutes ago.
There was a small 30 bnb private sale, they start with 60% down price, but many of them should be out already.
Calling this dip, new team to me, but previous projects were decent.
Keep your eyes on this one, team told me they will start buybacks after my post.
Lesson learned, never gonna call a stealth after the launch on this channel again if I'm not working with the team together, so either teams get me before launch, or not at all.
Do you want me to share a privatesale on this channel, where I do help a little with the marketing?
Do you want me to share a privatesale on this channel, where I do help a little with the marketing?
I will share the private-sale group at 8pm UTC and will delete the post with the TG link 10 minutes after that, so be active and fast.

10 Minutes are over and TG link is deleted, you will have another chance to join the private-sale group tomorrow.
Private sale is on Friday at 5pm UTC.
I will share the private sale group link in 20 minutes again.
Will be available for only 10 minutes!!

10 Minutes are over and TG link is deleted, MAYBE you will have another chance to join the private-sale group tomorrow before the private-sale opens.
Private sale is on Friday (tomorrow) at 5pm UTC.

Hey fam, this is going to be our next AMA, on September 30th at 3pm UTC.
Their whitelisted presale will be on October 11th at 3pm UTC on their own launchpad.

I am excited to have the team of Cookiesale for an AMA on this channel.
Cookiesale is already a known launchpad in this space and they also just released the V2 of their launchpad.
On October 11th at 3pm UTC they will hold the presale for their own native token.
Its the same founder as the successful project KODI and the team is working very hard to make everything as perfect as possible.

Join our AMA on September 30th at 3pm UTC to learn more about the team and the project itself.
We will also be running a $100 giveaway in the AMA!!