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Michael Shellenberger sounds the alarm on Ireland’s "Hate Speech" bill: "It's a Trojan Horse designed to control the world's Big Tech companies — X, Facebook, Google, and YouTube." (2 min, 22 sec)
Good Morning! 
May your Thursday be filled with blue skies, love, and positive anticipation for all of the good times ahead!  Blessings!🙏🥰
No. If you believe this, you are stupid! Genes can be upregulated and down regulated. What does that? Diet and environment and emotions! Remember, your brain is an organ. There is no such thing as mental illness. It is just poor brain health. Drinking has also become a culture. Tell any patient that it’s their Genes and it immediately becomes a comfort blanket. ‘It’s not my fault’. The first rule to healing in any situation in your life… Own your sh** !