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🎁 Remcos v4.3.1 Update

🛠 Error fix: Fixed being able to run multiple instances of same Agent due to an error in the mutex mechanism.
(Error was introduced in v4.3.0).

Read the Remcos Changelog for detailed info.
🎁 Remcos v4.4.0 Update

🌍 Multiple language support added.
Remcos is now available in the following languages:
English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
You can change language from Local Settings.

🎨 GUI improvements in Local Settings.

Read the Remcos Changelog for detailed info.
🌍 We are adding support for many languages in Remcos.
What is your native language?
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🎁 Poseidon Mailer v2.0 Update

This major update improves our Mailer in many ways.

📫 Added Reply-To, Cc and Bcc fields.

Added hourly and daily rate limiter

Added Pause and Resume buttons to pause/resume your mail delivery session.

🎨 Graphical User Interface has been vastly improved and redesigned. Now is tidier and more user friendly.
Mailer window can be also be resized now and fits all resolutions.

🔐 SMTP Password is now remembered after you restart Poseidon.
Your SMTP password is safely stored encrypted.

📄 Event Log has been improved with icons and a more accurate and detailed description of errors.

⚡️ Performance improvements and optimizations

🪛 Many other minor optimizations and improvements.

🎁 Discount Code: 10 € off Poseidon Mailer for our Telegram users
Valid only 1 week!
Code: PoseidonDeal2023

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🎁 Remcos v4.4.1 Update

🔩 Automatic Tasks: Fixed error in Keylogger automatic task where log file was deleted when selecting option not to delete it
🔩 Automatic Tasks: Minor optimizations in Keylogger autotask

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🛡Detect and stop almost any malware by using CyberGuard AntiMalware.

Watch this video on how CyberGuard detects any threat.

🛡Blocks encrypted and packed malware
Our behavioural engine detects malware even if encrypted.

🛡Anti-injection module
Detects and blocks process injection attempts.

🛡Self-Protection module
Self protection module against malicious termination.

🛡Static Scanner
Scans files signature to evaluate trust level.

🛡Behavioral Scanner
Scans process behavior in runtime for any suspicious action.
This bypasses crypters protection.

🛡Network Scanner
Scans network connections from processes:
blocks backdoors, trojan downloaders, and hacker intrusions.

🛡File Access Scanner
Checks read/write/delete access to your files by suspicious processes.
Protects against ransomware and data exfiltration attempts.

🛡Process Access Scanner
Scans attempts to access external processes.

🛡Kernel-Level System-Wide Monitoring
All process monitoring and blocking is performed at kernel level through a kernel driver.
Kernel Level Monitoring provides an efficient and powerful technique for system-wide protection.

⚡️Coded in C and Delphi
For maximum performance and minimum usage of system resources.

🎁 Limited Offer:
Get CyberGuard Professional now with a 10€ discount by using this limited coupon in our shop:
🎁 Remcos v4.4.2 Update

🌍 Translation improvements
🔩 Minor GUI adjustments, improvements and optimizations

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🎁 Remcos v4.5.0 Update

This update introduces new functions, improves various existing functions, and adds new usability improvements.

This update adds the new Notepad function, to quickly and easily add notes for any connected agent.
It also improves the Process Manager, where it is now possible to suspend and resume processes.
Further improvements have been applied to the Window Manager, the Downloader and the Agent Updater.

Moreover, now columns in connection tab can be customized, and new columns have been added.

And there's more: now Remcos also displays the Install Time for Agents.

📝 Added Notepad Function:
Add custom notes for any agent.
📅 Added Install Time:
Displays time of when agent was first installed.
📊 Customizable columns:
Right click on columns header to select which columns to show/hide.
More columns have been added to Connections: Install Time and CPU.
⚙️ Process Manager:
Now possible to suspend and resume processes.
🧩 Window Manager:
Now, window process ID and path are displayed.
🧩 Window Manager:
Now possible to suspend and resume window processes.
🧩 Downloader:
Now default download filename and extension are automatically retrieved from URL.
🧩 Agent Updater:
Now default download filename and extension are automatically retrieved from URL.
🌍 Translation Improvements
🔩 Minor GUI adjustments
for high-DPI screens

Full Changelog here.
🎁 Remcos v4.6.0 Update

↪️ DNS Redirection
With the new DNS Redirection function, you can block and redirect websites and hostnames.
The redirection is applied system-wide, so it works with any browser and application.

🔘 Toolbar
Added button to show/hide shortcut keys in function menu (The same option can be also set in Local Settings -> Preferences as before).

🎨 GUI improvements and adjustments
for a better user experience and to better fit any screen with any DPI scaling. Tidier user interface.

🔩 Various error fixes

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📙Remcos Instruction Manual Update

The Instruction Manual has been updated to better document the many updates and improvements introduced to Remcos in the past months.

New tips for beginners and experts alike have been added to the manual to improve your efficiency with Remcos.

Better formatting and improved content.

View the updated Manual here:
Remcos Instruction Manual
🎁 Remcos v4.7.0 Update

🖥 Improved Screen Capture:
Improved video codec to provide higher image quality and higher framerate.

⌨️ Improved Keylogger:
Now possible to start and stop offline keylogger anytime.
Various GUI improvements and other optimizations.

🪟 Improved Window Manager:
Improved Unicode compatibility.
Fixed error in Controller when window titles contained some unicode characters.

📷 Improved Camera:
Fixed multithread errors in the Controller when viewing multiple cameras or when saving multiple screenshots.

💉 Improved Process Injection:
Minor optimizations.

🛠 Improved Agent Builder:
Minor optimizations.

🔩 Other optimizations and error fixes:
Various other improvements, optimizations and error fixes in Remcos Controller.

Read the Remcos Changelog for more info.
🎁 Remcos v4.7.1 Update

🖥 Improved Screen Capture:
Improved performance and smoothness thanks to multithread optimizations.

📷 Improved Camera:
Improved performance and smoothness thanks to multithread optimizations.

⚡️ General performance improvements:
Improved performance of  Remcos Controller and of preview screen thanks to multithread optimizations.

🔩 Screen Capture: Fixed screenshot tool sometimes generating 0 byte files.
🔩 Screen Capture: Fixed resource leak when saving screenshots.
🎁 Remcos v4.7.2 Update

📊 Improved Sorting of Agents:
Column sorting has been improved so you can easily sort your agent list by any column (latency, installation time, system uptime, idle time, RAM etc.).
You will be easily able to sort your agents from the fastest to slowest one (by latency, for example), or sort them by any parameter you want.
Just click on the column header and your agents list will be sorted.

🛑 Improved IP Blacklist:
Added option to avoid logging repeated connection attempts from blacklisted IPs.
Can be useful to avoid spamming the event log with multiple connection attempts from same IP.

🎨 Minor GUI optimizations:
Added some useful text hints in the Agent Builder.
Rearranged some components in Local Settings.

Read the Remcos Changelog for more info.
🎁 Remcos v4.8.0 Update

You suggested, we listened!

🌐 Added Network Monitor function:
Remcos Network Monitor provides a new level of monitoring and security for your devices.
With Network Monitor you can easily investigate suspicious connections and take action on suspicious processes.
Network Monitor shows any active connection from any process.
Details of any connection are clearly displayed.

⚙️ Improved Process Manager:
Now able to retrieve and show full paths of almost any process.

⚙️ Improved Window Manager:
Now able to retrieve and show full paths of almost any process.

🌍 Improved Geolocation:
More accurate geolocation for some agents.

Did you like the latest updates?
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🎁 Remcos v4.8.1 Update

This update solves errors which were mainly affecting Windows Servers and RDP users.
The fixes are Controller-side only so there is no need to update your Remcos agents.

🔩 ScreenCapture:
Fixed error which caused frames not showing and memory leak.
Mostly happening in Windows Server 2012.

🔩 AutoTasks:
Fixed "Invalid Window Handle" error when using AutoTasks.
Error was happening when using Remcos inside a RDP system after doing a RDP relogin.

🔩 Other minor fixes
🎉 7 years of Remcos 🎉

🎂 On a hot July of 7 years ago we published v1.0 of Remcos.
7 years and countless updates later, we are always striving to constantly improve our software and keep it a top notch tool in the cybersecurity field.

We would like to celebrate this milestone with who made it possible: our customers.

Thank you for your continued support and for using our software!

To celebrate this occasion, we offer a 7% discount on any Remcos purchase and renewal in the next 72 hours.

🎁 Discount Code:
🎁 Remcos v4.9.0 Update

This update improves the File Manager in many ways.
Performance when browsing and loading remote directories is now 4 times faster!
Thanks to this performance boost, folders with thousands of files can be loaded much more quickly.

Zip related functions (Zip, Unzip, Zip & Download) have been improved for better performance and stability:
Zipping or unzipping files or folders is now twice as fast as before!

File Manager stability has been also improved by fixing some resource leaks.
Fixed also some errors which made Remcos Agent or Controller crash when using File Manager.

Some quality of life improvements have also been added,
such as the auto-sorting of processes when opening Process Manager or Network Monitor.

⚡️ File Manager improved performance:
Listing files in a directory is now 4x faster!

🗜 Zip module improved performance:
With the new improved Zip module, zipping or unzipping is 2x faster!

🗜 Zip plugin optimized size:
230 kb older, vs 154 kb newer, for faster transmission to Remcos Agent.

File Manager: Added Refresh shortcut button in toolbar

🔩 Zip Plugin improved stability: Fixed Remcos Agent crash when compressing folders with a large number of files.

🔩 File Manager: Fixed Unzip function not extracting subdirectories.

🔩 File Manager: Fixed resource leak causing Remcos Controller to crash, freeze, or show errors after browsing folders with many thousands of files.

🔩 File Search: Fixed resource leak.

🔩 Process Manager: Items are now automatically alphabetically sorted when opening form.

🔩 Network Monitor: Items are now automatically alphabetically sorted when opening form.

Note: There is no need to update your remote Remcos Agents, as all the improvements were done on Remcos Controller or in plugin modules.
🎁 Remcos v4.9.1 Update

This update features an improved Cookie Recovery, the addition of a new AutoTask (Write registry value),
and various error fixes.

AutoTasks: New AutoTask added: Write Registry Value
🍪 Cookie Recovery: Added support for Edge profiles
🍪 Cookie Recovery: Added support to latest Chrome browser update
🍪 Cookie Recovery: Fixed not getting cookies from some Chrome profiles
🔩 Stability: Fixed Remcos Controller errors when using Remcos inside a Remote Desktop Protocol controlled machine, after restarting a RDP session.
🔩 Stability: Fixed Access Violation error in Remcos Controller in rare cases when using Screen Preview
🔩 Control Center: Fixed GUI multithread error occurring in rare cases
🎁 Remcos v4.9.2 Update

This update features an improved Proxy function.

🔩 Proxy: Speed optimizations.
🔩 Proxy: Fixed error which caused high CPU usage on proxy.
🔩 Proxy: Fixed Agent crash in some cases.
🔩 Remcos Controller: Added check if Remcos is being executed from the zip without being extracted.
Note: There is no need to update your remote Remcos Agents, as all the improvements were done on Remcos Controller or in plugin modules.
💡 Revamped Client Area

We updated the client area on our website for a tidier and more functional look.
Let us know if you like it in the comments!

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