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#Mixin_Network Testnet Released, Overseas Community Building Officially Launched.
Key highlights:
* Implemented the BFT-DAG transaction verification function
* Reached 10,000+ TPS in 7 global nodes
* Transactions confirmation in hundreds of milliseconds
The most significant problems for #Bitcoin are insufficient transaction capacity, slow confirmation and high transaction fees. #Mixin_Network provide billions TPS capacity and under 1 second final confirmation and ready for larger-scale commercial use without cost to transfer.
Cedric Fung, CEO of #Mixin_Network will show in the upcoming video. Stay tuned for the specials in the interaction session.
1) Get your Mixin ID
2) Pose high-valued questions
3) Get answered by CEO in the video
4) Get $XIN reward
Mixin Labs, powered by Mixin Network, is officially released.
Li Lin, the specialized blockchain technical expert, is named as the Head of Mixin Labs. #Mixin_Network $XIN