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On September 19th a significant event happened in Kiev. "Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv organised by Smile-Expo."
We also visited this blockchain conference.
Here is a small insight into our experiences while we were in this event.
While the Kimberley Process is generally credited with curtailing the role diamonds once played in the funding of wars, critics say it has been ineffective in curbing other serious violence.

Read about Kimberley Process and laboratory-made diamonds -
#FORESTING gives you a possibility to work only 4 hours a day and to enjoy your #contentcreation. If you are new in the content world, do not worry. Foresting will teach you everything.
Dear TXT Community,
We have 2 (two) big news on the way. Our listing is officially approved by a centralized and discentralized exchange, #2greatexchanges. We will announce once the process is done. Kindly make a follow up by buying more #TXT more news coming soon.
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Our first stage is over now. We will continue with the second stage as it was on the site. We need more investors now to enable us pay for listing on exchanges and embark on our project.
Thank you.
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Cedric Fung, CEO of #Mixin_Network will show in the upcoming video. Stay tuned for the specials in the interaction session.
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I just published DeepBrain Chain announces strategic investment in renewable energy startup EtainPower
#dapps won't be a big deal until someone successfully built a high-growth business model from it. It's hard enough to build a new concept with proven centralized tech.