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Available bot repositories/source codes for sale would be posted here, in future.

Custom bots can be made, dm @xditya_bot with your bot idea.

Dm @xditya_bot for the price of the bots posted here.

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- UserBot.
- Sends scheduled ADs to all target chats/all chats the userbot is in, every 'x' minutes.
- Supports custom ADs each time, without a variable edit.
- Supports custom time limits.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
Post Broadcast

- Bot.
- Broadcasts each message in a channel to all added bot users as soon as they're posted.
- Add users who would recieve the posts, like premium users who must only receive, and not all bot users.
- Fully customisable.
- Broadcast, stats inbuit.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
PDisk Uploader
(demo - @uploadToPdiskBot)

- Bot
- Upload to from telegram with a direct link.
- Supports login.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
Account Generator Bot

- Supports limiting accounts per day per user.
- Premium membership (pay to use) options.
- Shorten username/pass as gplinks for normal users, and direct for premium ones.
- Channel join checks (join channel to use bot)
- Auto remove already redeemed accounts from available accounts list.
- Broadcast, stats, and other admin commands.
- Get alerts when out of accounts.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
Channel/Group Join Verification

- Bot.
- Make users start the bot, and get a one-time-use invite link to join the group/channel.
- Link gets revoked as soon as the user joins.
- Can be used to prevent spambots/mass adders from joining your chats.
- Much more features.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
HashTags Logger Bot.

- Bot.
- Log all #something messages in chats to a channel.
- Supports multiple chats to send to one channel.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots
Share Bot.

- Share files/docs/vids/text as a link from the bot.
- Only admins may store and generate shareable links.
- Sent file gets deleted after x seconds/minutes (to prevent copyright issues if any).
- Generates shareable link to be used multiple times.

Contact @xditya_bot incase you're interested.

~ @BuyYourBots