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For now just buy spooky and baby fps - both teams are close to me they wouldn’t dare

All who want refund reply on the link above and I’ll sort it all out shorly.

I got paid 5 bnb will refund 10 on top
Opening voice chat
Admins unmute all
🔴 [BFPS] baby fps token

Coin name: baby fps token
Address: 0xfffe03b9306df57aafe9d291ac906fbfb0b07be3
Liquidity: 138.44 BNB

Slippage (estimated):
7% (buy)
7% (sell)

Platform: BSC
Time: 20:57:06 UTC

Insider info received for possible CMC listing. Coin not listed anywhere yet (listing in 15 minutes aprox.) Buy now to be the first (first pump).

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Baby FPS Token Buy!
Spent: $1,693.33 (6.0 BNB)
Got: 2,907,595 BFPS
Buyer Position: New!
Price: 0.0005824 (0.000002064 BNB)
MCap: $582,380
TX | Chart | Buyer | Pancakeswap

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Live stream finished (1 hour)
BabyFPS just got listed on CMC !

Expect the project to go parabolic from now on ! BabyFPS will be trending everywhere including Coinmarketcap and, a few big players are still joining in to help.
An ongoing 10BNB prize is going to be given away to the biggest buyer in the next 48hours. If you didn’t have an entry, this is your last chance.

Koben doing $20k FPS giveaway once we reach $2m mcap.

I’ll drop 20 bnb into chart at 1.5m Mc also.

Bossy Alpha Callz ☔️
All send ur tx hash on this post nothing else only one hash with total amount bought and sold.
Okay there’s around 60 bnb in refund, I’ll do an 33% refund for all investors.

Around 20 bnb refund from my side. Hope y’all can understand an appreciate it. Thanks will happen within 24 hours.
Forwarded from F R E D D Y 🔶
SpookyFloki Staking is live 🎃

15% tax on early withdraws and early harvests. Compounding and unstaking after the reward period ends has no fees
Around 56 bnb I’m doing a manual refund 33% of initial investment will be sent soon
Buy pressure 😈 on a token I didn’t even vouch amazing I love my community.
Bossy challenge for #BabyFps

Hold the floor above 600k overnight and I’ll will break all time high my self tomorrow.

Forwarded from Chetan Reddy
105.1 KB
Refunds Tx hash....pdf
83.4 KB
All paid 18.5 bnb in total tx hash will be sent shortly.

Goodnight fam ❤️
⚪️🦾Optimus Inu (OPINU)🦾⚪️ 69k marketcap good team behind this - very good past project. Can’t reveal yet as others project still alive.
Dev is doxxed to me privately and will dox publicly at 1M milestone.

Elon Musk recently revealed his latest creation Optimus; a humanoid robot built by Tesla. Elon believes it will be worth more than Tesla's current vehicle business! Our team is proud to introduce Optimus Inu! A community focused and decentralised cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.



🎯 4% Marketing
🎯 1% Liquidity
🎯 1% Tesla Giveaway
🎯 2% Development

We all know Elon Musk's influence on the crypto market, but this is more than just a meme. Optimus Inu has an exciting roadmap of utility to allow holders increased defi exposure.

☑️ Elon/Tesla's Ai robot
☑️ Tesla Model S Giveaway
☑️ Staking live
☑️ Experienced Team
☑️ KYC & Audit

Team has vast defi experience including a project that ran to over 20m+ marketcap. They will reveal at 1m marketcap.
Good lp and great dip call - team planning on listing soon.

🦾 Telegram:
🦾 Twitter:
🦾 Website:
🦾 Whitepaper: